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Thank you so much for your interest! I LOVE to speak to parents about making virtues, love and laughter a daily part of your family life. I love to encourage women on friendship and lighting up the world. I also love to connect with business women to talk about leadership, products and marketing. But I love my family more. My  travel is limited right now – but feel free to fill out the request for more information.

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“I am the coordinator for the MOPS group at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA. Our group is one of the larger MOPS groups with over 200 registered moms last year, and trending for the same this year. Courtney DeFeo came to speak to our group in October 2014. We have many high quality speakers but she was by far one of the best we have had in Peachtree MOPS history. She is a highly engaging speaker who is authentic, encouraging, and shines for Jesus. Not only did she speak about her personal experiences with raising children, but she gave us useful suggestions to use with our own families. Our moms left the meeting feeling uplifted and equipped to be more intentional with our parenting.” – Lindsay

“Courtney DeFeo was a breath of ‘real’ air when she spoke with our MOPS group of over 150 members. Moms were laughing and crying simultaneously while being filled with wisdom of Gods plan for their homes. Courtney brings an honest and upbeat message to moms of the importance of laughter and grace in motherhood while fully relying on God for strength. I was so refreshing as Courtney spoke to watch the shoulders in the room relax and  smiles fill the faces of moms who are just happy to have made it out of the house with shoes and a bra on that morning…she speaks directly to moms right where they are!  She is relevant , she is inspiring, and she is spirit filled!” – Stacey


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 Making Virtues, Love and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life How To Create a Home of Laughter, Not Lectures Finding Your Passion in The Midst of Raising Kids Kicking Comparison Out of Motherhood From a Career to a Calling – Leaving Chick-fi-A to launching Lil Light O’ Mine How to Build Your Brand How to Create Meaningful Products