About Courtney

Greetings from Colleyville, Texas! I’ve just live in Texas the last couple of years. And so happy to be here. I’ve also lived in Orlando – but I consider my hometown Atlanta, GA. Although, you’ll also see me gush about the state of SC because my parents retired there. So, I’m basically a southern gal.


I was raised in the peachy state of Georgia by some seriously awesome parents that lived out a principle I adore. Above all else – LOVE. There were rules and discipline and biblical principles, but above everything – there was love. I’m crazy about my family.


I think Auburn, Alabama is one of the happiest places on earth. My grandfathers, parents and sister went there – so I followed. The fact that I married a Georgia Bulldog presents an issue when it comes to football season and how many games we attend (like zero).

Upon graduation, I went to work at a PR firm in Atlanta, Ketchum Public Relations, and was not expecting my future husband to be inside those doors. At Ketchum, I learned how to work hard, believe in my myself, conquer new things and the art of top client service. I owe so much to my boss, Jane Barwis.

I also learned that Ron DeFeo is someone I cannot do life without. He is the man for me and one of the smartest, sweetest humans on planet earth.


Ron left the firm for grad school at UGA and I left to take a dream job at Chick-fil-A, Inc. working on the advertising campaign. What fun to get paid to work with those Eat Mor Chikin® cows!

Ron and I got married in May of 2003 and began a journey of exploring our relationship with God together. While attending North Point Church (later Buckhead church) and working at Chick-fil-A, this is where I got to see faith in action.

After 6 years of working at Chick-fil-A, I got pregnant with Ella and felt that tug.


I have to stay home with my baby! So, I quit my dream job and it felt like my arm fell off. I did marketing consulting from time-to-time for Chick-fil-A and Buckhead Church when I needed out of pajamas or my creative brain needed a big unload.

I had Larson two years later (colic/reflux baby). There was no much working during this phase – it was adjusting to two kids, which rocked my Type A, control freak of a world. However, she was just what I needed.


During the entire time of motherhood, my brain was swirling. I knew God had something outside of staying home with them. I knew it was “enough” to be a mom. I was definitely not bored. I KNEW He had something else brewing for me. I kept praying for clarity for years. I kept saying.

Take my life.

Take all of me

For you. For your glory.

My talents. My creativity. My resources.

Use it for whatever you need.

When those prayers intersected with a need, I saw it so clearly –  light bulbs went on!  I wasn’t finding what I needed in the marketplace for tools and resources to raise followers of Christ. So, in March 2011 – I swiped my husband’s bonus, bought the domain, hired an attorney, a website agency, a designer and went full steam ahead with pure glee.

I had such clarity:

To empower moms and change little lives through innovation in the home. Lil Light O’ Mine was born.

What good are creative ideas and tools if they just sit in my brain? I knew I had the experience and ability to do something with them and share with other moms. My goal was never financial or for personal gain – it was always about God’s glory – for families to grow closer to Christ and for those around us to see the light of God.


In October 2011, the original version of the site launched (LilLightOMine.com, this is version 2.0) with two products – ABC Scripture Cards and My Lil Money Jars. (Huge thank you to Ari at Boy Meets Girl Creative for partnering with me to design the ABC Scripture Cards.)



In 2015, we launched Conversation Cups to bring families together around the dinner table in meaningful conversations. And then added Measure Me Grammy Aprons and Virtue Cards shortly after that



Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.08.02 AMIn 2014, I dumped my heart for YOU into 240 pages – it’s what I would say to you if we had coffee. It’s how to make virtues, love and laughter a daily part of your family life. Laughter over lectures. Available wherever books are sold and in ebook, paperback and audio formats. More on In This House, We Will Giggle.



I never dreamed the community of moms from all over the world that come together with a common passion to raise kids that can change the world. Moms that are OK with the messiness of life, faith and motherhood and get really honest on every topic from loss to generosity to anger. light-em-up_logo_new-urlSince the launch, one simple Christmas rant blog post turned into a movement called Light ‘Em Up (check out the NEW video)! Join us!

These sweet little products have had their fair share of the limelight (PRESS SECTION HERE) and have been featured on The View to Proverbs 31 to Focus on the Family.



These days are honestly pretty messy. Like most moms, it’s a juggling act. My heart’s desire is to honor God with all I’ve got and be a great wife and mom. There’s only so much in the time and day. I speak and travel as I am able and I also do carpool and attempt to cook dinner roughly one day a week. I believe in making very personal decisions for your family guided by the one who made you. Say NO to comparing and say YES to following Jesus.

What are you up to now? Well, these girls and my husband are my biggest priority. I don’t want to miss it. I love being their mom. You can keep up with our shenanigans over at Instagram (@lillightomine).

I am currently spending most of my heart’s work and creative energy creating a program for tween girls and their moms. If you’re interested in knowing more about that – shoot me an email to get on that list at courtney@courtneydefeo.com.

THANK YOU for your support and friendship.

I’m in this journey with you and honored to be called a mom.

Let’s take our little lights and let them shine!