The Truth and Lies of Marriage

When Courtney asked me to write on marriage recently I didn’t know what to say. I feel really inadequate to write about this topic because the picture I want for my marriage and my role in it, is not what you would see day to day in my marriage. The truth is, my marriage is […]

Connecting with Sons

This is for the moms of sons out there… As my son has gotten older, I have had to be more intentional about connecting with him and engaging for the purposes of discipleship. When he was younger, he was asking questions constantly and his heart was open all the time. Now, he may keep things […]

Letter to the Struggling Wife

  (An open letter)   To my friend,   Today I poured my heart out to Jesus begging him to give you hope.  Begging him to help you find one thing that you could be thankful for in that man who you dreamily fell in love with so many years ago. The one who is […]