Table Time and Great Questions

I am a freak about cooking dinner and eating together. I know, I know call me old-fashioned but I did it growing up and hardly ever remember not eating with all 4 of us around a table. We didn’t linger and I don’t remember any profound discussions but I will tell you this…it was special […]

My #OneBigTruth

If you didn’t see the original #ONEBIGTRUTH start there. It’s a thought-provoking exercise and so very encouraging to see how God has revealed truth to so many women. I am Rachel… a contributor here at Lil Light O’ Mine and I’d love to share mine today with you. DO THIS…In REMEMBRANCE OF ME Have you […]

You Make Beautiful Things

I’m about to get married…like in 5 days. So many thoughts run through a bride’s mind at this point in the game. Will my cake be perfect, will the flowers hold, will people have fun, will my bridesmaids like their gifts? But…alas…I am anything but the typical bride and really I could care less about […]

The Petco Experiment

Tim Elmore blogged an article in recent weeks that has had me undone about my need for safety. He says we let our kids risk too little, we rescue them too quickly, and we rave too easily.   Ummmmm, well,…yes….I do Tim. Now….there is no condemnation for this chick because I know beyond a shadow […]