Holiday Conversation Starters about Faith

What do conversations look like during the holidays for your family? Is it stressful? political? emotional? lively? Every family is so different and every year is so different. Every holiday is so different. Also, the ages of our kids is so fascinating to me. There is the stage of entertainment – where all the adults […]

Why I force myself to go to church

What does your Sunday look like? Sometimes it is our one day with nothing at all happening. Nothing. So, I am not going to lie. We sleep in … meaning Larson and I sleep in… and the early birds (Ron and Ella) get up and do their favorite things. Ron goes on a run and […]

10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In College

This past week, I had the amazing honor of returning to Auburn University and speaking to my sorority – Phi Mu. It’s been more than 20 years since I was in their shoes. In 1994, I walked onto that campus so nervous yet so expectant. I was leaving my home state of Georgia and a […]

I’ll tell you why motherhood stresses me out so bad

FIRST… please read this! I am WELL AWARE of the absolute horrific tragedy that is Houston and surrounding cities. I am horrified, saddened and praying. Our hearts are broken for these families and ready to help.   Here’s a few reasons I’m wound up and stressed out this week. Well… Ella needs surgery because I […]

I don’t even recognize ME anymore

I will never forget this teary phone call with my friend. We were talking about how tired we were as young moms and how much we loved it – yet we yearned for something more with our days. We were trying to pump each other up, but we were both in the same shoes. We […]

Vacation Envy, Family Travel and FOMO

Does anyone else have FOMO – fear of missing out? Or vacation envy when you scroll through photos? I realize I’m like the LAST person to be writing about this because we travel a bunch (Ron works with an airline) and I’m currently sitting in the middle of my parent’s lake house. Hang with me… Regardless […]