Families Unite for Flood Victims – Let’s Do This!

Friends. My heart has been heavy. Super heavy about the flood victims. I watched coverage on Fox the other day – hearing story after story about how this flood took out everything from families just like me and you. Y’all this isn’t just one neighborhood or two. This is THOUSANDS! I don’t think we can […]

Interview with Melanie Dale

Hey friends! It’s Courtney here – and I’m so excited for you to check out this interview between with my friend Melanie Dale! Her latest book that launched TODAY. It has a cover you’ll adore and a title – I think we ALL can relate to. “It’s Not Fair!”   Okay, Mel, I love your book. I endorsed […]

My slides from She Speaks

Hey friends. I am on the plane back and have SO MANY thoughts about my weekend. I think they will need to be brief today. I am filled up. Worn out. THANK You for praying. I did GREAT with my headaches until right after my last session – the first big one arrived. So, perfect […]

You’re Invited and I need prayer

Hey friends! I hope you guys are doing great. I just got back from a few weeks at my parents’ house and I just want to say…. that MY MOM’S COOKING IS THE BOMB!!! It has been a long time since I sat down with a plate of pork chops, squash, fried okra and corn. […]

Wild Woman on Focus on the Family This Week

I am not sure WHY in the world they let me on this professional large broadcast again. I had the pleasure of doing two shows on Focus on the Family last year and we had such a great time. I was able to share six of the virtues from my book. And I line danced, in a pirate […]

And what if I don’t feel grateful? Then what?

It is some kind of cosmic joke that I’m supposed to write about gratitude, peace, and contentment this month. Seriously, it’s times like these when I know for absolute certain that God has a fantastic sense of humor. When I agreed to write a post about this precisely one bajillion years ago, I had no […]