Jesus, Nakedness & Your Kids

Hey friends. I have yet another question for my neighbor and author on this tricky topic. Uncover your eyes and get ready. 🙂 Here’s Tracy!   Courtney’s Question: How can we build a healthy foundation for our kids in the way they view their bodies and sex that sets them up well for dating and […]

Dallas Girls – Let’s Hang!

Hey friends! I want to invite you to a really fun night. If we haven’t met yet – I’d LOVE for you to come to this event in the DFW area. It’ll be worth the drive if you aren’t in the center of Dallas. Promise! Will you do me a favor and send this event […]

When words feel like a stab

I was so ready. I was so excited. It was finally the month that my book was going to launch. I was going to speak to an audience about the book – hundreds of parents. This was a group of homeschool parents. I had my outfit. My speech prepared. Here we go Lord. It’s time to tell […]

Families Unite for Flood Victims – Let’s Do This!

Friends. My heart has been heavy. Super heavy about the flood victims. I watched coverage on Fox the other day – hearing story after story about how this flood took out everything from families just like me and you. Y’all this isn’t just one neighborhood or two. This is THOUSANDS! I don’t think we can […]

Interview with Melanie Dale

Hey friends! It’s Courtney here – and I’m so excited for you to check out this interview between with my friend Melanie Dale! Her latest book that launched TODAY. It has a cover you’ll adore and a title – I think we ALL can relate to. “It’s Not Fair!”   Okay, Mel, I love your book. I endorsed […]

My slides from She Speaks

Hey friends. I am on the plane back and have SO MANY thoughts about my weekend. I think they will need to be brief today. I am filled up. Worn out. THANK You for praying. I did GREAT with my headaches until right after my last session – the first big one arrived. So, perfect […]