Interview with Wynter Pitts

I am so delighted for you to meet my friend Wynter! We were exhibiting just tables away at the dotMOM conference and it was pure delight to meet her. She was just getting her magazine out to moms of girls and we learned that we share a passion for growing families closer to God. We […]

America. We have a problem. Family Dinners.

  Do the following statistics motivate you? Certainly research is only a part of it – but these facts are compelling. Where many researchers say that family dinners are not happening, I’m encouraged that so many are! And there’s great reasons to commit. FAMILY DINNER – Point to Ponder 1 Researchers have reported a consistent association […]

Shop Wiser Part 2 – My Holiday Favorites

As I make my Holiday Gift List (and wish list) each year, I love to empower others. There are such beautiful ministries and partnerships everywhere I turn. Here are a few of my favorites and I hope you’ll consider them as you make your holiday wish list this year. These companies are making a difference in […]

Read If You Need Encouragement

I have had the chance to write for many different blogs lately – and the goal is the same for me. ENCOURAGE MOMS. You are my passion. I want you to know I am in this with you. I want you to know this job is hard. Whether you have 1 kid, 5 kids, boys, […]