Focus on the Family Segments

Hey friends! In case you missed it – here are the two links to the segments on Focus on the Family. It was such an honor to be on the show. What a blast. I prayed that God’s love and joy reached the heart of many parents that day. PART 1 PART 2 Article from […]

Don’t miss Focus on the Family!

It was a complete HONOR when I got the call to be a guest on Focus on the Family! I tried NOT to get overwhelmed with the number of listeners that tune into this show and to just focus on being ME. Some people do these monster national interviews every day, but this was kind of […]

Moving a ship of prideful humans

Here’s one thing we do well in our home – love. My girls know they rock the house. We love, we do experiences, we gift, we praise, we say yes – SO MUCH that there is a downside. There are little people that begin to think the world revolves around them. Don’t get me wrong […]

How Africa Changed My Children

by Kylie White Y’all.  Life is busy. I get it. I have a 4, 6, 7, and 9 year old. Two different schools, two different pickup times, two different sports, 4 different personalities that all have different demands from my husband and I. My to-do list rolls over each month as things get un-done, and I […]

How To Support a Friend With a Book

It’s been almost a year since In This House, We Will Giggle launched! You did SO much to help me, so now I am sharing a few ways to support your other author friends out there. Many of you have friends that are launching books or know of a blogger or writer with one coming out soon. […]

How to combat the brat. That rhymes.

I wish I had a nicer word, but kids can be brats. And I was a brat. I cringe when I think about the fits I threw my parents when things didn’t go my way. Or I didn’t GET exactly what I wanted. Gross. Like you, I am striving to raise responsible kids – not spoiled, bratty […]