The Final Curtain

by Kristen Franklin “That brings down the final curtain on Dana and Wendy.” These were words spoken when my grandmother recently passed away. This meant I was officially without any grandparents still alive. One of the last times I ever spoke with her, I cried after hanging up the phone because she  sounded just like […]

In Loving Memory of Demi

When I wrote my book, I thought about one mom. Not a particular mom – but I always thought about you. Your stories. Your heartaches and your potential.  I dreamed of how it would impact lives of families one mom at a time. It is one of the BIGGEST blessings and privileges of this journey – […]

Leaving a Legacy

My friend Bobbie Wolgemuth is with Jesus. Like hundreds across this world – we are torn. We are rejoicing because she is healed from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She is home. She is singing and dancing and with the ONE she most loves. We are also so sad. Deeply sad for precious Robert and his […]