Teachers, You Absolutely Make a Difference

It’s that time of the year. Time to finish projects, thank teachers, wrap up school details… and everything else that comes with good ole glorious May. I sit here wondering, why does “thanking my teachers” fall on a quick to do list? When it could be one of the most important things I do all […]

Glasses that Kids Will Love

I have never worn glasses (until my awesome new readers), but my husband has since he was a young child. And now we have two girls that wear glasses. Well, sometimes they wear them. Ella started around age 5 and I remember coming home and crying behind closed doors – because I didn’t want anything to […]

Moms, your daughter’s eyes say so much

A couple weeks ago, Ella turned 10 and this birthday hit me really hard. I’m a sensitive gal so tears come often, but this one was just hard. I was going through old photos and the weight of 10, double digits was just WOW. She’s 10. And I had a morning of just emotion – not grief.  I […]

Jesus, Nakedness & Your Kids

Hey friends. I have yet another question for my neighbor and author on this tricky topic. Uncover your eyes and get ready. 🙂 Here’s Tracy!   Courtney’s Question: How can we build a healthy foundation for our kids in the way they view their bodies and sex that sets them up well for dating and […]

Dallas Girls – Let’s Hang!

Hey friends! I want to invite you to a really fun night. If we haven’t met yet – I’d LOVE for you to come to this event in the DFW area. It’ll be worth the drive if you aren’t in the center of Dallas. Promise! Will you do me a favor and send this event […]