Glasses that Kids Will Love


I have never worn glasses (until my awesome new readers), but my husband has since he was a young child. And now we have two girls that wear glasses. Well, sometimes they wear them. Ella started around age 5 and I remember coming home and crying behind closed doors – because I didn’t want anything to be “wrong” with my girl and I didn’t want her to struggle or feel different.

And then she wore them and rocked them and all her friends wanted them. And now I am thrilled with them. They are strong and beautiful girls no matter. We know their beauty has everything to do with the inside.


Just recently, my other daughter Larson learned she needed glasses and she was SO PUMPED! She could be like her sister. She has always wanted them.


I have always tried to remind them (when the tears have come about wearing them) .. of all their body parts that DO work and it’s really no big deal if they need a little help with their eyes. And thank GOD that we have things like glasses to help us see life a little more clear. And to see the board. And to see our beautiful creation. Thank you God for glasses.


But every now and then, mom’s pep talks run out on little girls who want to be fashionable and think their glasses are uncool. And this counts for boys too. They go up and down on the look of them.

So insert FUNOOGLES!

I was looking for some cool new frames for the girls because I think it matters. On one hand – I want to say “get over it and wear your glasses” and then I also want my kid to feel confident in what they wear. So, during my search for stylish frames – I discovered another brilliant company. Funoogles.


A LITTLE GIRL dreamed up the idea of interchangeable glasses – she wanted  to mix two of her glasses – and a concept was born. Check out the video below – on how it works.

I don’t do these type of posts very often – typically I just get free books and decide to promote it if I like it. I don’t accept paid blog posts or do many ads. It’s just not my thing. But I was intrigued by these and wanted to try them.  So I emailed this company and just asked if I could try a pair for my girls and see how they work.

I ended up talking with the AWESOME owner (who is a mom like us) and talking business and girls and glasses. And she sent two pairs for my girls. I have not received payment for this post.


I think it’s important for you all to know how this all works. I care about you and your money. I care about my girls and what they wear and I care about my reputation and your trust in me as I share things. I don’t take that lightly. So I wanted to try them and test them.


And they rock. For real!

My girls LOVE THEM! They can change them out to match their outfits. How cool is that.

There’s another thing you need to know. I love helping people soar. So, I could’ve done one Instagram post with an iPhone photo, but you wouldn’t see how cute they are. So, I hired a sweet friend Megan with Forevermore Photography (who I’ve been wanting to use for photography) and I PAID for the photos and I chose  Matilda Jane clothes (that I bought) so I could support Trunk Keeper Lisa Ismert.



And we had such a fun hour. And my kids played models. For Funoogles.


So, it’s a WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.

  1. FUNOOGLES are tested and awesome. Guess what Texas??? Our very own Dr. and Dr. Marsh! Yes – two married optometrists and Grapevine Faith parents right here in Southlake – are now carrying them. Marsh Eye Center. You an go right there and try them on. For all others – go to the Funoogles site to see if you have them in your area or order online and get your RX filled locally.
  2. MEGAN clearly knows how to shoot some killer photos – see her site here and book her stat in the DFW area.
  3. MATILDA JANE could not be any cuter – order through Lisa and support a precious family.

Are your girls modeling now? Ella says NO. Larson says OH YEAH. Hilarious.


Have a great day party people. Use whatever you have to build up others. Cheering you all on. xoxo


And if you wear glasses. You are beautiful. The end.


NOTE: The floral dress and floral tank top (photos of them together) are both Matilda Jane. Larson’s checked dress is from Kohl’s and Ella’s navy floral tank is from Old Navy.


  1. I love this! I think about the things our kids think are “wrong” with them, and it makes me realize all the things that are right and all the areas where they have great strength. Think about a person who can’t see at all. They have almost superpowers when it comes to hearing and touch. God gave them the ability to do something those with perfect eyesight aren’t able to do. They don’t judge people based on their appearance. They are able to SEE into a person’s heart without the distraction of physical appearance.

    I think sometimes God allows us to have parts of our body that don’t work “perfectly” because he wants our strength to grow in another area, and if we had the ability to see, hear, walk, talk perfectly, we would get distracted and not focus on growing that strength. In a sense, it’s a gift, a frustrating one at times, but it’s a gift that allows us to grow in areas that will help us walk out our purpose.

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