How to Host a Royal Wedding Party with a Purpose

You know I’m a big fan of making up adventures and experiences for my kids. I have found they always learn WAY faster when it feels like fun. For example, I don’t really lecture or give them a talk about generosity anymore – because they have been doing Light ‘Em Up acts on and off for the last 7 years.

They have experience an important life lesson or virtue and understood it for themselves. Yep – I get it mom. It truly is BETTER to give than receive. They know it – because they’ve lived it.

Which brings me to the Royal Wedding Party. WHO IS FIRED UP!!!

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Did I really just want to wear a hat and have an excuse to throw a party? YES. Or, did I want to sneak in a fun way to have my girls EXPERIENCE manners. Yes. Both!

It is May 19 and will be broadcasted live at 12:00 pm GMT. (which is EARLY for us)

Our group that is hosting party will be setting the DVR and hosting our party at noon for the girls.


10 Fun Ideas For Your Royal Wedding Party

1. Who to Invite – Mothers & Daughters and even grandmothers! Church friends, school friends, all the friends. Anyone with the Kentucky Derby on their bucket list like me – just needs an excuse to get that hat on. You are welcome to swipe this image and use for your party.


2. What You Wear – It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just tell everyone to wear a dress and the HATS are the most exciting. You can buy your fascinator from Amazon or you can TOTALLY make one like this  or like this with the girls. Fun craft.


3. What You Share About Manners – It’s hard because our girls don”t need to be perfect, but they also don’t need to eat and sit like animals. When you are constantly picking at them – they feel so defeated. So this environment gives them a chance to learn it in a fun way. Use these placemats (option 2) to show them where everything goes. This will come in handy one day when they go somewhere and feel so silly and lost.


4. What You Could Do – In addition to setting a formal meal for the girls and moms, you can watch the wedding. You could do a fashion show or teach them how to sit and how to eat in formal stations. Think mini version of cotillion.


5. What is FUN – Just let them have some fun too – photo area with all kinds of hats – let them put on some lipstick. Let them wear heels. Let the majority be fun and the lessons be sneaky and few. And of course a photo booth always works. A beautiful backdrop or funny. These props are hilarious.


6. What is FUNNY – You can absolutely bring some of the royal family to your event. I just love a good life size cut out. And these tea bags might be necessary. And probably a
for sure.


7. What is CLEVER – Red carpet, royal march music and if you’re parent is a millionaire – just throw a horse and carriage in there for rides.

8. What is EASY – Print some coloring sheets or use this easy handout/trivia that I created for them to take notes and LEARN who they watch.

You could also bag ALL OF THIS and just curl up with your daughters and watch it. That’s what I did watching Princess Diana and I never forgot it.

9. What to INCLUDE – Try to match up with anything you can that they are already planning – they have released a lot of the details already. And you can eat traditional English food – whether it’s serving tea or small sandwiches, Club sandwiches, Devilled Eggs, Sausage rolls, cheese puffs, or bread rolls. A chance to bust out all the china you never use.

While details are still scarce about many aspects of the Royal Wedding, there is one thing we know for certain: the bride’s bouquet will feature myrtle, as it’s tradition for every royal bouquet to include the evergreen shrub. Additional flowers at the wedding will include white garden roses, foxgloves and peonies, designed by London-based florist Philippa Craddock. The blooms will be donated to charity following the celebration. Source.

Royal wedding cakes are typically fruit cakes, but Meghan and Harry are reportedly bucking tradition, and plan to have a lemon elderflower cake created by Claire Ptak, a pastry chef who was raised in California but now owns London-based bakery Violet Cakes. Source


10. What to DISCUSS – Questions for your table time are definitely key.

  • Why does England have a royal family?
  • What princess would you be if any?
  • Why do you think the WORLD watches this?
  • What would you wish for your wedding day?
  • Is being proper and perfect important? What is good and bad about that expectation?
  • Who is someone you know that is classy and elegant – but also real and down to earth?
  • What would you offer to your country if you were queen? So much is about what they DO and how they help!



For some moms – you are loving me and this is RIGHT up your alley (I’m looking at you Kelle Hampton). Make it your own. Enjoy it. Hope these ideas help and make you smile.

For some mom – this sounds like a total nightmare with an already full May. I get it. Delete and move on. Watch in your PJs and enjoy the moment.

Either way – it’s a super fun moment in history.


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