You are Invited! Grab Your Girlfriends and meet us there!

I am SO excited I can tell you about SEVERAL fun events that are coming your way. Each of these have been in the planning sessions for a while.

Please know… the women behind these events have YOU in mind. We have prayed about nights that have YOU at the center not any one of us. We want YOU to leave encouraged and equipped.

So! Grab your mom, your sister, your best friend and you guys join us at one of these events. You are cordially invited. Road trip anyone?

AUGUST 8, Compass Church, Colleyville

Compass Church is my home church and I’m so honored to be speaking at this Fall Kickoff Women’s Event. Although, any of you beautiful ladies can come. We’d love for you to come as we discuss what it looks like to shine your light and the struggles that come with that. What even does that mean? Do I even have a light to shine? Aren’t we supposed to shine God’s light? Come get encouraged. I promised to include jokes, my real struggles and mess-ups and probably some tears. The team at Compass has put together a fun night of dinner, worship and more surprises.


LOCATION: Compass Church, Colleyville, TX

DATE: August 8 (6:30 – 9:00 pm)

AUDIENCE: Any and all women

REGISTER: Online right here (almost full)


SEPTEMBER 7, Christ Pres, Nashville, TN

Y’all. Is this a practical joke? I am on stage with these three? I am  not sure what is happening – but all I know is that we all have something in common. We love Jesus in a big way and we believe he has the ability to set moms free in every way. Jeannie wrote a new book and bible study about it and is going to give us a few moments of encouragement.

Then, we’re having a panel time to talk more about the message and less about us. I love these girls. They so get what’s important in life. They are humble and hilarious. The panel discussion (if anything like our texts) will likely be a mix of all things deep and honest and light and amusing. I promise to lob in a question about Survivor somewhere, casually.

Have you guys been to Nashville? That’s worth a road trip right there.

COST: Free

LOCATION: Christ Pres Church, Nashville, TN

DATE: September 7 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)

AUDIENCE: Any and all moms

REGISTER: Online right here


September 26, Dallas, TX

Say Something Girl Chat! This one is is going to be SO FUN! Mark it down. Location is TBD. We are having a night of some all-stars with “ted talk” quick messages by Jeannie Cunnion, Chrystal Evans Hurst and Kristin Schell. THEN! Some of the Say Something Show hosts led by Kay Wyma will hit the stage for a fun panel discussion – which means the rails come off. And the lively discussion begins. Girls night at it’s finest. ALL women of all stages invited. I’ll come back with details – save the date.

COST: $20

AUDIENCE: Any and all women

LOCATION: Dallas, TX (Blue Print Store)

DATE: September 26

REGISTER: Online right here



OCTOBER 5, Auburn United Methodist, Auburn, AL

Imagine me fanning myself. For real? I get to go back to MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH and speak to moms. This is a dream. OH good heavens. Mommas in Auburn, AL. I promise to prepare an actual message to encourage and equip you in your motherhood journey… and NOT just tell you all the things I loved about my time at Auburn – but I’ll be tempted to do that.

So, if you’re a mom near Auburn or in town for the game. Come on! Or if you have a mom friend in that town – invite her to come. We’ll be talking about shining our lights in a way that gives God the glory. Shining our lights in a way that changes communities and our families.

Note to Phi Mus: I get to speak to the chapter that week too! Eek! If you were a Phi Mu – there’s tailgate reunion that weekend before the football game. Meet me there on Saturday.

COST: $15

AUDIENCE: Any and all moms

LOCATION: Auburn First United Methodist, Auburn, AL

DATE: October 5 (6:00 – 8:30 pm)

Register: Link coming soon


NOVEMBER 10, Be Still, My House

I am so incredibly honored to be hosting a “Be Still” event at my house with two incredible speakers. Rachel Faulkner Brown and Ginger Ravella are bonded together in a club they never wished or prayed for – they are widows. Both lost their husbands. Both husbands were pilots in our nation’s Air Force. And both women have testimonies of God’s incredible love and grace that will leave you wanting more of what they have and know. Come be inspired. It’s Veteran’s Day. A perfect day to sit with two of my heroes.

COST: Free

AUDIENCE: Any and all women

LOCATION: My house, Colleyville, TX

DATE: November 10, 10:00-12:00



POPULAR QUESTION: Are Elisabeth, Jeannie, and Sissy coming to all of them? I WISH. We have dreamed of a tour bus. Just Nashville will have us four – but Jeannie will be around for the Say Something Chat. You an definitely check their sites and speaking calendars for their upcoming events.  

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