Light ‘Em Up 2013

light-em-up_logo_new-urlToday is the day! You can get all of the FREE, printable resources today.  I want you to know the 2013 goal upfront. What is new? What is exciting? Here it is.

2013 Goal:

100 GROUPS in 100 cities to light up others with kindness.

I think we can easily do that. Last year, we found there was strength in numbers. Band together and build memories as a group. Be sure to comment at the end (include City, ST).



What is a Light ‘Em Up GROUP?

  • If your family grabs two neighbors (and their kids) and you feed the homeless one weekends – that’s a Light ‘Em Up group.
  • If you lead a small group of kids at church and you challenge them to do one act of kindness in December – that’s a Light ‘Em Up group.
  • If you are a teacher and you have your kids pick up trash in the classroom for one another – that’s a group.
  • If you are a mom of toddlers, and you schedule a playdate, and those angels color the NEW coloring sheets for servants in your community – that’s a Light ‘Em Up group.
  • If your small group or connect group skips “studying” one week – and you hit the community to love, give or serve – that’s a Light’ Em Up group.
  • If you are a group of at least three adults and a group of kids – and you’re doing something to GIVE or SERVE your community – that’s a Light ‘Em Up group.

The options are endless. If you are new, you can start with the BACK STORY here. Or, the ORIGINAL post here. Please note the first two years were done on my first site (before updated) so you won’t see all the comments or thousands of pins/shares that was so fun to watch it spread.


Let’s get started.

The purpose of Light ‘Em Up is for our kids to experience generosity in a way that strikes the depths of their heart. So, they will see Christmas is always about GIVING over GETTING. Light ‘Em up shows children of every age that they can be used to impact others.




STEP 1. Family Planning Guide

It is imperative you get them involved in the plan. So, plan a night to get their input. Hot chocolate and reindeer head gear optional. DOWNLOAD FAMILY PLANNING GUIDE HERE.


Light Em Up Planning Doc 2013

Step 2. Print the Ideas

There are over 100 ideas and that doesn’t include the fantastic ideas you will dream up! Circle your favorites, cut them up, place in advent system, or put in jar and choose one each day. Or, simply pick ONE and go big. DOWNLOAD 100 IDEAS

Light Em Up 100 Ideas 2013


I am soooooo tickled and honored that my favorite children’s author, Marianne Richmond, generously gave her talent to Light ‘Em Up this year. Her books truly touch my heart. I told her that I wanted the tiniest tots to know they were impacting lives. My girls have always loved their “art” and it means something to them. So, these sheets are precious. They can color and give to people that serve your family. DOWNLOAD SHEETS: Thanks Tree, Love Ornament, Merry Christmas





Step 4. Logo Sheets

Several of you asked for the logo to use for your projects and parties. One amazing mom (Chrystal) had a Christmas party last year and put the logos on jars. Tied this “no guilt pledge” on the side and put the 100 ideas in the jars as their gift. They could also be a fun hostess gift for any Christmas parties you attend.  DOWNLOAD LOGOS



Step 5. Gift Tags

These are AWESOME! You can tie them onto ANYTHING. A candy cane. A  homemade bag of cookies. They say what your heart wants to say to the garbage men, your bank teller, your church volunteer, your pastor, etc.


It is hard for our little ones to say it all. They can hand it with a huge smile and a “thank you.” Trust me – when you walk away and those folks read these notes. It is super touching. DOWNLOAD GIFT TAGS

Light Em Up Gift Tags 2013

Step 6. Share. Share. Share.

I hear your heart about not being “showy” and giving in secret. Please read yesterday’s post. The truth is – when you share how your kids are being impacted through generosity – it causes others to act. We’d love to see your stories, your photos:



  • #LIGHTEMUP13 – on Instagram and Twitter 
  • Facebook – Like the Lil Light O’ Mine page and post away. Stories, photos – anything that’s working for your family. I want to celebrate your kids! I’ll compile them into an album.
  • Pin Away! When you share THIS POST, your friends notice. And they want to join the fun. So, pin, tweet, insta – whatever suits your fancy. Invite your crew to join the #lightemup13 party.
  • Email – Send me your stories and photos if you’d like to remain anonymous at info(at)lillightomine(dot)com

NOTE: The above images/documents just show the FIRST PAGE – so click DOWNLOAD to get full docs under each point.



100 Groups in 100 cities. Let’s do this.


Tell me your CITY, ST below if you are IN!

WOOOHOOOO!!! Light.Em.Up. #lightemup13


In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16


  1. amanda jones says

    Starting tomorrow with my daughter’s Brownie troop. 8 precious 8 yo. And myself and best friend/Co leader – we are beginning work on their ” philanthropy” badge … I thought light em up would be an awesome way to do the work. Can’t wait to brainstorm with these girls. We already have a field trip planned to stock our church’s food pantry and collect coats for a local group here… Off yo a good start!!! :) granger, IN

  2. Kendra Taylor Krezanosky says

    We’re in…again! This will be our third Christmas to Light ‘Em Up. Can’t wait!!! Katy, TX

  3. Bernadette says

    We will definitely be doing this! Awesome idea. I have 5 children of my own so that should give us a good place to start. :) Will update as happening.

  4. Melissa Hammel says

    This will be me and my four daughters second year. Last year was amazing in every way and was the absolute highlight of our Christmas! Count us in for round two!!! :) So excited! Calera, Ok.

  5. Julie says

    We’re TOTALLY IN!!! New Cumberland, PA represents 😉 So excited for this again this year. We has so much fun making others happy last year…we didn’t even see them happy, but knew they would be! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Kristin March says

    We are in up in Atlanta :) We did it last year, it is was a great way to make the Christmas season more meaningful for others as well as our family. Our kids loved making others feel valued and loved! Showing God’s love in 2013 Light Em Up!

  7. Jennifer Randolph says

    I’m soooo excited to share this with my kids and I know they will be excited to participate!!! We are in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia!!

  8. rgreatlyloved says

    This will be our first year! We are so excited as a family to find even more ways to spread the joy of the season. Eugene, OR

  9. Jennifer Sharp says

    Definitely doing this again this year, my son learned the true spirit of giving to others last year and I can’t wait to do it again! LaGrange, KY

  10. BB Adams says

    This will be our second year as a family of Light Em Up … Although we never stopped since last Fall! I tell anyone who will listen about it! So much so, my daughters’s 3rd grade Girls Scout Troop will be assembling Light Em Up goodies at their meeting tomorrow. And, my MOMS Group at our church will be doing the same at our annual Thanksgiving Family Potluck. I am so excited to have our little minions of kindness go out into our community! Thank you for all your work, your endless enthusiasm and inspiration! Aurora, OH

  11. Nicole Shellhorn says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your wonderful ideas! This is our third year doing this (second with Light ‘Em Up) and we are all SUPER EXCITED to get started! Nothing better than spreading some joy! Canal Fulton, Ohio

  12. Jenny Kocher says

    Terre Haute, IN – this is our families 2nd year doing this and we have our church involved this year with our Advent Celebration during the month of December. I can’t wait to see how this spreads in our town!!

  13. Sarah Hurst says

    Our second year as a family and first year to share with families at the toddler group our church runs as well as church moms – so IN, feel it wouldn’t be Christmas without it already! Bromley, London, UK

  14. Kristie McWilliams Oliver says

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas and for sharing your work. We are IN this year! Spartanburg, SC

  15. acarbonatto says

    I’m so excited to start this! It will be our first year as a family, and my mom’s of toddlers growth group! Bothell, WA will def be on board to #lightemup13!!!

  16. Martha Manley says

    Totally in with my student council kids! Instead of a “semester exam” we’re going caroling at a couple of retirement homes. Win-win! Vestavia, AL

  17. becky cunningham says

    We are in TWO ways. May Daughter’s First grade Teacher and her class are doing this in their classroom this year (Brunswick, OH). My family, Friends & Neighbors are also in (Brunswick, Ohio –near Cleveland) !!!!!

  18. Amy Corcoran Catalogna says

    We are in — Framingham, MA! My son and I suggested to his religious education coordinator the idea of gathering items for shoeboxes to send to Operation Christmas Child. So we are spearheading that, but will also be doing other things in December! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Michelle says

    I found out about Light Em Up after the holidays last year…so I am soooooo looking forward to participating this year in Herkimer, NY!

  20. Whitney says

    We are giving jars to all the families that attend our children’s ministry Christmas celebration at our church! We can’t wait to Light em Up in Huntsville, Al!

  21. Paige Estes says

    I’m so excited! This is my first year and we are working our Financial Peace Plan, but I’m definitely downloading the super cute candy cane tags and spreading those everywhere! Candy canes from the dollar store. The whole point is to get my family focused on others. Church, Volunteer Firehouse, and local town Police Department. I pray my boys will be excited too! Thanks for all the resources to make this super easy on some of us craft challenged mamas! Light ‘Em Up in Ashland, Virginia

  22. Beth Tomblin says

    Yay! We are having our 2nd annual Light ’em Up event at our church. I am so excited to share this movement with our church family in Sebring, Fl!

  23. Ruth Grigson says

    My family and my business are going to get involved. I have some ideas… I am thinking I’ll have the lists and gift tags handy at the shop and offer them to our community. Let’s see how many people we can get on board! In Barrington, IL :)

  24. Kim Abati-Baer says

    Ocoee, FL is in! We have 10 moms and I think 30 kids. We can’t wait to get started. Baer Cubs in action

  25. Laura Roberts says

    Lighting up our new town of Venetia, PA. We just moved south of Pittsburgh this summer. Hoping to get my MOPS groups and/or Moms In Prayer groups on board along with my 3 girls, of course! Thank you for your blog and ministry and all the Light ‘Em Up resources!!!

  26. Marianne Gray says

    We are in! We loved doing it so much last year as a family and people we lit up still mention how much it meant to them! We have been compiling ideas for this year and are so excited already! Thank you so very much for organizing this movement and providing such awesome ideas and resources. The Gray Family–Dublin, Ohio (Columbus)

    • Guest says

      Count us in! Having our family meeting this weekend to plan some things out. Thank you for this wonderful idea…just found your page today.

      ~West Seneca, NY

  27. Anna J says

    Just came across this and can’t wait to get started with our family!!! We are definitely in from Fort Worth, TX!!!

  28. Happy NestProject says

    We’re in, love this concept!!! Our family tries to practice RAOK as often as possible and I can see it rubbing off on our 4 year old. He is always giving snacks and toys to the homeless. We’ll be participating here in Plumas Lake, CA!

  29. linrobsmi says

    My 11th grade girls bible study is IN! Can’t wait to light up Birmingham, AL with this precious group of girls!!

  30. Johanne Hewlett says

    We did this last year and had great fun seeing people smile……….and look a little confused. Hope to encourage some of our friends to join in with Light Em Up 2013. From across the water in England, United Kingdom x

  31. sarahhall says

    Hurricane Creek Elementary School in Bryant, Arkansas is in!! Can’t wait to see what our kids and their families do throughout this season!

  32. kellymcg says

    Thanks for posting this idea, I love it! I have a group of fellow homeschooling families in Killeen, TX that will band together to Light ‘Em Up!

  33. Catherine Moon says

    This is truly wonderful. I was searching the internet for Christmas activities to do with my son, and was guided to your page. I’m now very exited and looking forward to Lighting up our little part of England, UK

  34. Jacqueline Krista Bavin says

    We are in!!! Stannington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England!!!!!!! Mixing this with our Advent calendar activities!

  35. Enoch 5 Ward Activity Day Girl says

    Cedar City, Utah has a group of Activity Day Girls who are super excited to share the love of Christ by serving others!

  36. The Zones says

    Count us in…West Seneca, NY! We are having our family meeting this weekend to plan a few things out. Thank you for this wonderful and heartfelt idea.

  37. Sarah Oddo Darrow says

    Vernon,NY we are totally in! this looks like such a wonderful thing i love being able to bless others! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  38. Stacey Boswell says

    We are in! Third year as a family. First year to include our friends! Thank you for the great materials! Memphis, TN

  39. Rachel Laho-Slovinac says

    Southgate, Michigan (the city I live in- can’t wait to do this w/ my husband and 3 yr old daughter)
    and Wayne, Michigan (the city of the school where I am a teacher-I am getting my class involved!)

  40. Connie Coe says

    We are in. West Columbia, Texas. We’ve invited out home school group to do this as a group and my other 2 children go to a Charter School…..we’ve invited the whole school to participate! We’re so excited!!

  41. Abby Bowman says

    we did this last year as an advent calendar. We also did the candy cane challenge and attached a card for a free Nativity DVD to each one. It made that Christmas the best one yet! I was so overwhelmed by the charity my children displayed, and it helped keep the Christmas /giving spirit the rest of the year. Already planning our calendar for this year!

    • Tara Thomas says

      I think I know which Nativity cards you are talking about and that is a BRILLIANT idea! I think we will be adding that to our idea as well

  42. Michelle Homan Dellinger says

    Praying about the best way to share–our wed night church group? a small group of friends? For sure posting this on my fb wall as a friend of mine did last year. My house is a wreck too. :)

  43. Dianne Baker Reeves says

    Our family will share with extended family tomorrow at our Thanksgiving celebration! Newark Delaware is in :)

  44. Onica Hanby says

    Gathering the troops this week in Spokane, WA! I’ve had last years pinned for months so imagine my delight at this years list. Yay! Thank you!!!

  45. Amy Patterson says

    Cherokee, Iowa. My husband along with our three children will be participating starting December 1st. Thank you for giving us the road map to spread love to others this Christmas season!

    • says

      You have no idea how much this thrills my heart. I’ve been to Kyiv twice and it holds a very special place in my heart. I love your country. Thank you for lighting up Ukraine!!

  46. it takes a village says

    Our family of six is planning our ‘attacks of kindness’ today for the month of December and my faith formation group of 17 fifth graders in Crofton, MD will be participating as well. Thanks for the resources – you make being joyful and proactive easy.

  47. Jennifer Greven says

    Joining in with our family on a daily basis, and with our homeschool art group on a weekly basis!! Cumming, GA

  48. Jill says

    Sterling, CO – our second year and my kids are SO excited. Their faces and the face of the cashier when they bought her a favorite candy bar – off to a blessed start!

  49. Natalie says

    Checking in from Crawford, Nebraska! My small army is in for the second year in a row. We are so excited to carry out the 17 acts of kindness that they came up with!

  50. Niki says

    I SO want to do this! I may be a tiny bit late to the party, but tomorrow I’m going to talk to the kids about adding this to our Advent activities and I’m inviting our friends to join us. Thanks so much. :-) (We’re in Allen, TX)

    • Ashley Campbell says

      Hey Tara! Check out our group in Roseville on Facebook…Wee Serve! A group of Moms and Kids serving together :) We are going to promote Light Em Up to the group and we’d love to meet you! -Ashley

  51. Amy Reedy Sinclair says

    Christiansburg, VA – My son and I did this last year and it was the best time we’ve had together in a really long time. :)

  52. Becca Sanders Bruner says

    I’m speaking for a women’s event this coming Wednesday and I’m gonna see if I can get them to Let ‘Em Up with me! I love it! We’re in Paoli, Pennsylvania

  53. Lindsay Dimond Preece says

    My hubby, two sons, daughter, and I are “Lighting It Up” all around the Salt Lake City Valley in Utah!!!

  54. Melissa Welch says

    We are in! I want to incorporate it with the ‘Elf’ that we have. Tomorrow we start with taking coffee (that they can make) to our local fire department. My husband is a fire fighter (in a different city) and they have to buy their own coffee (which they make EVERY DAY). They also buy their own groceries every day to cook meals together.

    A coffee or gift card to a local grocery store is an awesome way to bless a fire fighter.

    Durham, NC

  55. Jennifer Lynn Mesman says

    My family, my kindergarten class and all 190 Cloverbuds will being lighting it up in Auburn, Alabama!,

  56. Joy ThomasJoy Thomas says

    ATL… Me and my three are about to ambush janitors, parking lot attendees and nurses at a doc office bldg with grocery gift cardsYikes! Hope we got enough!!

  57. Rachel says

    Hey, just a suggestion. You should think about linking light em up 2013 under the favorites tab on the homepage. The current link takes you to 2012 light em up, I’ve been here 3 times in as many days and only accidentally discovered that you updated it for this year. So excited! But, hard to find. :)

  58. Kelly Fox says

    I love this!!!! A group of people from my church were just talking about doing this same thing last weekend. Lexington, KY

  59. Jessica Cox says

    Dallas, TX! Normally I don’t leave comments like this, but I want you to be able see the huge impact that’s being made!

  60. Sara Workman says

    I absolutely LOVE this!! So glad I found it!! Printing out all of the fun tags now and will be incorporating it into our advent calendar for the rest of the month!! :) Taylorsville, Ut!!

  61. Allison Spradlin says

    I’m not a mom, but am interested in doing this with my community group from church. Dies that count? There are about 10 of us

  62. Tina Salisbury says

    Salt Lake City, Utah! Every year I host a holiday party. As part of it, we include a small service project. This year we started a Light ’em up group! We have 12 people so far and growing!

  63. Melissa Young Schroeder says

    Chiang Mai, Thailand is in. We arrived in July and some wonderful ladies have poured into my life to help make the adjustment smoother. So I’ve been trying to “pay it forward” by loving on some other mommas who are new to town. Watching babies, inviting them to coffee, taking them to run some errands. Being away from “home” during the holiday season has made me aware of how fragile the idea of home is…now I’m feeling inspired to get the kids more involved. I’ll let you know what they come up with…but I’m thinking some of our Thai neighbors will be very surprised : )

  64. Sara Buscaino says

    Love this! We are setting out a bowl with the giving ideas at our Children’s Christmas Dinner at the fire department. Each child can take an idea home with them. It’s a start that I hope will spark the giving spirit in each family. Pics to follow. Macomb, Michigan.

  65. Katrina says

    Just found your website! We were already planning a RAK day and your AWESOME printables will add to it so nicely. Thank you!! Milwaukee, WI

  66. Ashley Jones says

    My family is in! We live in Huntington, WV. We will be printing your tags and sharing gifts with our neighbors and some service people in our community…as well as the staff members of our church! Thank you for sharing these ideas and resources! :)

  67. analouisek says

    Our Whole church is in! 6 small groups in Gautier, MS. Thanks for sharing ideas and printables, just shared this post on our Church’s Facebook page. :)

  68. Mara Friedman Gieseke says

    You can count Tucson, AZ. We are lighting up our neighborhood by taking the kids Christmas Caroling and handing out candy canes to the houses we visit with the “legend of the candy cane” attached.

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  70. Tiffany says

    I am LOVING the idea of doing this project this Christmas season. My girls are pretty young, but I think they will understand the concept of giving of their time, love, and ability to create small gifts. I am a 4th grade teacher and plan to do this activity with my classes. As a public school teacher I must be very careful how I present this activity, but I believe the Lord will bless and protect the carrying out of this project this Christmas season. So excited!! :)

  71. Molly says

    I have been looking for idea’s for my 9 year old for random acts of kindness this year. We had decided we would do 25 this December. I love how this is laid out and will make it easier and exciting for her. I am lucky, she is an only child but understands there are less fortunate and appreciates much around here. This will help reinforce kindness and the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

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