My Girls’ High School Graduation Gift


Yep, you heard that right. I totally purchased my girls’ high school graduation gift.

I cannot take credit for this idea. I saw it on The Today Show and filed it away. 20 million folks have come to view the idea so I’m not alone in thinking this is pretty sweet!


Some family had purchased “oh the places you’ll go book” and had EVERY TEACHER from Kindergarten to 12th grade write a note in there and gave it to this sweet girl for a graduation gift. She had no idea.

I am totally ripping it off but changing books.


As you know, I’m flat obsessed with Marianne Richmond right now.


I picked her “Hooray for You” book for my little project.


I am so excited to GO BACK to Sunday School teachers, ballet teachers and preschool teachers and have them sign the book.


I am asking them to either tell a funny memory/story, share a unique quality or character trait or just write an encouraging note to my child. I think it will be so special for my girls to look back over many years and see there was a theme. THEY ARE UNIQUELY MADE and so very special. And, they were always bringing X to the classroom and always doing X.


Take it and steal away. I totally did. That’s was sharing ideas is for! Make it your own. The teachers may kill us – AS IF they have enough to do this time of year. And, I’m horrific at surprises – my girls know and they are SO excited.




Another fun note. Have y’all ever read “Pinterest told me to” blog? Sheaffer is hysterical! She makes me want to lighten up. I read her “Dancing With the Stars Reviews” last night and was laughing out loud.

linen blazer with white 3

We recently connected and she’s doing a giveaway of the ABC Scripture Cards today.

At least go over and get your giggle on.

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  • Esther Aspling

    What a beautiful idea! As a homeschool mom, I think it would be cool to fill it with personal notes about each year and then still including those coaches and director’s involved in their lives.

  • Erin Akin Carroll

    I LOVE Sheaffer! What a good egg! She’s hilarious.

    Also… totally stealing that idea! Wow! I get all teary just thinking about it. I may even get their teachers from this year to sign it on Monday! So sweet.