ABC Scripture Cards


ABC Scripture Cards are a set of 26 NIV verses designed for the mom’s style and the child’s heart. I created these in an effort to bring scripture memory to life in the home. They teach and decorate at the same time! From two-year-olds to teens, kids of all ages have memorized these short and sweet verses. I would love to share more of the ABC Scripture Cards story here and The View story here!

Each set includes:

  • 26 stylish NIV memory cards
  • easel for displaying all cards at once
  • magnet to focus on just one card
  • 5 x 7″ size makes them easy to frame at home
  • other at-home display options: use your own clips to hang on a ribbon – spelling names or alphabet



After the overwhelming response of these cards, it was clear I needed to help get these further, faster. My goal was always to help as many families know God more in a really practical way. Life balance was the highest priority for our family. Magnolia Lane took over the manufacturing of the cards. They are a wonderful partner and now distributing to hundreds of gift stores and adding more by the day.

It has also been a privilege to partner with Karama Gifts and give a portion of profits of every box to these incredible African artisans. Karama Gifts has a goal to end extreme poverty through creative and purpose filled work and I am honored to play a very small part in their work.



Please visit a local store.

One of the biggest reasons I stopped selling them directly is I believe in local gift stores.  It would a DELIGHT to see you support these stores by shopping for ABC Scripture Cards in your town. It is almost impossible to keep the list of stores updated – so I have done away with my directory at this time. You can check on Instagram #abcscripturecards. I often features stores there. NOTE: Most stores sell them for around $25. The Amazon store selling these cards is NOT me directly. It’s just one retailer out there.


Exciting Update! In the coming weeks, you will be able to find ABC Scripture Cards at all LifeWay Stores!


I will also feature a store a month here. This month is..


Grace 251 (two locations – Cleveland, TN and Dalton, GA)


Order cards from Grace 251. Number is (706) 529-5683. ($25)

Looking to buy online?

If you do not have a store in your town, you can buy HERE directly from Magnolia Lane. They normally retail for $25 in stores. The price you see at Magnolia Lane. Most stores that carry sell for $25 – this prices includes shipping and tax. THEY ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DUE TO HIGH DEMAND.


If you are a buyer interested in carrying ABC Scripture Cards – you can order them now! Head on over to our new partner Magnolia Lane Collection to register for your account. READ HERE for more on how this exciting partnership came about. In stock and ready to ship.




Tips For Buyers

Our most successful retailers are displaying them in a wonderful way. HANG THEM! – either all of them or just a few to spell a child’s name from a ribbon using tiny clothes pin. Or do half the alphabet on one side and the other half behind it – stringing across the ceiling of your store.

This will give your customer an idea of how the product can work in many ways in their own home – teach, decorate AND display. ABC Scripture Cards make the best gifts for every occasions – birthdays, baptisms, Christmas and more.



If you’d like ABC Scripture Cards in your town, email this link to them or you can drop off this flyer or let us know at



Did you miss ABC Scripture Cards on The View? Watch now!

Looking for the latest Virtue Cards?

You heard it right! The new Virtue Cards (e-version) are FREE for a limited time. Just head right over here for details. These are different than the original ABC Scripture Cards featured above. This is a set of 12 cards that correspond with the virtues in my new book In This House, We Will Giggle.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.06.24 AM