Light ‘Em Up Gifts

Light 'Em Up Gifts
Light ‘Em Up Gifts is a line of gifts that get to the heart of your family and friends. Each product is designed to build traditions and memories in your home.

So how did this start?

I left a corporate marketing job to stay at home with my children and my brain didn’t stop spinning. I was displeased with the marketplace and the choices for character education in our homes. We can do better. Surely, purpose and decor can join together in our homes. If I could help customers fall in love with chicken – could I use that same brain to help families fall in love with their faith, kindness and love?

And a business was born. Lil Light O’ Mine.

I launched my site in 2011 and soon found myself sitting on the set of The View – with ABC Scripture Cards featured as one of Elisabeth’s favorite things. Fast forward through big demand and tough decisions, it’s an honor to officially partner with Cabell’s Design to take my big dreams into the marketplace. We’ve named this line – Light ‘Em Up Gifts.

You can purchase them directly here or find them at gift shops all over the country. I’d love for you to support your local gift shops and save on shipping. Just ask them if they carry gifts by Magnolia Lane Collection, specifically Light ‘Em Up Gifts line.

Contact or visit Magnolia Lane Collection for more information or at market in Atlanta (Atlanta Americasmart – Darrah Showroom, Building 2, Floor 18). In This House, We Will Giggle can be ordered separately through Penguin Random House.

Legal Notice: ABC Scripture Cards, Conversation Cups, Virtue Cards, Measure Me Grammy! Aprons and Light ‘Em Up Gifts are trademarks of Lil Light O’ Mine LLC. Products, artwork or images may not be used or copied without written permission of Lil Light O’ Mine, LLC.