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Father’s Day is two weeks away! Let’s put our brains together and think how to make it special FOR THEM!

Confession: I typically use this holiday as an excuse to shop for things I want him to have – bathing suit, flops, certain shirt, etc. He HATES to spend money – so I feel I get a pass if it’s for HIM. 🙂 I really just admitted that. I know I’m not alone.

Every now and then, I’ll stop and think what he REALLY wants. Let’s go with that approach this year!

What would the daddy in your life really want? What is he scared to ask for?

Enjoy 10 ideas for Father’s Day!

1. Aviators – Ron bought some as a joke last weekend and I actually totally loved them. Update those shades for your man. ONLY if he’d really enjoy it. Especially with any checked shirt from Jcrew.

2. Flops – Only if he’s your fashion guy – give him a new set of flops for the summer.

3. Guilt-Free Golf – Book it for him – plan it for him – shove him out the door and even plan ahead with a friend’s spouse. So, he can’t back out. Forced down time – doing what he loves. If not golf, something relaxing and fun he might like to do for a day?

4. Love Him Thru Food – Some of our most laid-back dads – just want a quiet day at home grilling his favorite meal. Try to get really creative with an entire day of his favorite things from music to sides to dessert to movie that night.

5. Updated Work Bag – What about updating something like his work bag or another item he’s been using for years and never complained about?

6. Kindle? New Book? Of course I have a recommendation. This incredible business book was just released by my old boss and VP of Marketing at Chick-fil-A, Inc. – David Salyers. He was one of the many reasons I adored that place. I am reading Remarkable! right now and I love it. Guys will love it. This will grab your husband’s attention and heart – and inspire him to make some changes not only at work but likely at home too.

7. Concert Night? I had more fun going to The Black Crowes the other night with Ron because that’s his favorite band. I love seeing him so happy and he loved having me with him. Buy tickets to something your guy would love to see – surprise him with tickets!

8. Sports Night? Arrange a night to a local baseball game for the family or even for him and some guys. Put in a big tub of popcorn as your wrapping.

9. From the heart? I know my husband loves a free gift. Saving money speaks his love language. How can my girls make something or how can I do a “to do” list around the house that would make him feel noticed or appreciated that did not cost money. I started a Pinterest board with tons of kids ideas here.

10. Notes – Even if your husband doesn’t strike you as mushy – TRUST ME – he needs to know he’s doing a great job. Give him a note with a long list of specifics. Even if he isn’t thrilling you right now, take time to point out the good. Where is he showing up for your kids? For you? At work? Point out the good and build him up. Same goes for our own dads and those other “Father figures” in our lives. Encouragement is the best gift to another’s soul. Even the dudes.



What are some Father’s Day gift ideas you’ve tried before? or planning this year?

Share one below and you’ll be entered to win a copy of David’s new book Remarkable!

Winner announced Friday, June 7

Congratulations, David. You are one of the best leaders I have ever encountered. Thank you for everything you taught me. I am forever grateful to be led by you. I know your heart has been poured into this book and it shows. SO excited for many to learn the secret to Chick-fil-A Marketing – a Remarkable! corporate culture.

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  1. I love a great pair of cuff links that represent something meaningful to us. For example, last year they incorporated our daughter’s birthstone as a reminder that we survived the first year. 🙂 Look forward to others comments as well…

  2. I love, love, love the idea of tickets. Eddie isn’t a big “stuff” guy, he loves gifts to do things. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect concert this summer. We’ll see what I find! He would love that book, too. Adding it to my Amazon basket now!

  3. My husband loves breakfast type foods – french toast, pancakes, bacon, etc. This year I bought him a waffle maker! He just happened to be home when the waffle maker arrived this past week so he received the gift earlier than originally planned, but the bonus was that I had delicious waffles for breakfast yesterday :).

  4. I do a photo book every year of pictures of him and the kids from Shutterfly!. He loves seeing the year in review.

  5. so glad you wrote this post! i am behind in my father’s day planning… good ideas–thanks for sharing… my hubby loves to mountain bike, so i’m trying to find something to go with that interest. hmm… what to get for my dad, my stepdad and my father-in-law………….. *sigh*

  6. Thanks for the ideas…something I really needed right now! 🙂
    With my husband just starting a new management job, I am thinking of getting the Remarkable! Book you recommended. Thanks for that! I also hope to check our your Pinterest board and get some good craft ideas for the kids to do. Thanks!

  7. LOL I am guilty of the same thing….buying things for my husband that I want him to have! This year he is getting what he wants….new batteries for his cordless power tools! I would rather be purchasing him a Vineyard Vines swimsuit….maybe next year! Love your ideas!

  8. Great post, Courtney. Guilty as charged with the “buying him stuff I want him to wear.” Ugh. In the last couple of years I have been an experience girl and my husband LOVES this. Especially if he gets a “date with the kids” and a “date with Mom.” Have the kids select the activity and hand draw the ‘certificate.’ (Always a hit with granddads too.)

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