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10 Real Questions People Ask Me

View More: http://aleamoore.pass.us/defeofamilyHere’s some amusing and real questions I got lately that I thought I’d share. True stories. When you are brave (dumb) enough to spill your every move online – you gotta  be brave and bold enough to take the stuff that comes with it. You gotta toughen it up and give people the benefit of the doubt. Realize people are curious and trying to help and love. Realize that we are friends, right?

Like, when I saw Jen Hatmaker and Kelle Hampton and wanted to cuddle because I felt we were so close. It’s a weird world this blogging thing. So, laugh away or be informed. Either way… here we go.

1. Do you need me to help pick out some dinners?

True story. I was in the frozen section and a new friend walked up and asked if I needed help picking out some dinners. I was confused because she was a new friend, but she reminded me that I had recently blogged that I had no idea how to cook. I turned red and said, “well sure – that would be great.” And off we went to peruse the meatballs.

2. Why do you need an assistant? Do moms need assistants?

First of all – don’t make me cuss. Yes. Every mom could use an assistant. People laugh at this and make comments often, but I have to remember no one knows my world. I am the only one that knows my daily tasks and responsibilities. So, yes the work I have is overflowing and I need help. However, my income does not allow for a person to work with me at this time – so I have an unpaid, fantastic assistant who needs some experience. It’s a win-win. And I am grateful. She’s virtual and a gem. She’s a real human – met through a friend. Lives in Bham. Her name is Molly.

2.Do you consider this a job?

Yes. I own a business – it’s an LLC called Lil Light O’ Mine Inc. I created a product called ABC Scripture Cards and sold those online for two years which was a beast of a job. Now, those are manufactured by Magnolia Lane and sold over all over the country. I am still involved in marketing and future product creation. That’s a job. I am a writer and upcoming author – so there are calls with publisher and my agent, etc. My heartbeat is the blog (which includes all the social media extensions) – it was part of the original vision of the company. That is my passion – to empower moms and change little lives. That involves creating innovative and meaningful resources and content that will bring families closer to Jesus. That is less of a job – but more of a ministry. However, it takes a boat load of time. I am not making money directly from that at this time – no ads or sponsors. I might consider it soon just to cover basic web bills. My MAIN JOB is being there for my family. Hence the recent breakdown. When the workload gets to much that I can’t do my first job as wife, mom and my own health (spiritual, mental, physical) well – time to reevaluate. More on that soon – swear.

4. I thought you were taking a break, doesn’t seem so.

I really have done so many things behind the scenes. Molly has been taking the blog posts – updating and posting. Ron took over our connect group. I quit my ladies Bible study for a few weeks. I have been to 2-3 doc appointments per week to get my health in order. I have said no and cancelled many biz things. I feel more free and excited than you know. I finished the book (edits begin). There is more to do and more to cut… the blog will probably never go away so don’t let that be your cue for my breaks. I clearly need to step away from the Instagram. I’ll get to that addiction at a later date.

6. How’s that budget going? (as they see me with bags in my hand).

Today, a sweet friend said “how’s that budget going?” as I was entering my house with a couple bags. I can’t tell you how many people call me out on so many different areas of my life. But it’s fair game. I’m a big claimer of goals and a terrible follower-through-er. And, if I’m brave enough to share all of this – I’m better be strong enough to be accountable. The answer is good! I tracked it all month on an excel and the CFO was pleased.

7. How’s my Paleo? Eating?

I’ve met with a trainer among many people to help with my head and little breakdown here. And, I’m learning a ton. I in the midst of a cleanse and I’m encouraged. My headache is still there but not awful. I have more energy. My pantry and fridge is looking different. Imperfect progress is progress as Lysa TerKeurst says. I’d like to get 100% Paleo and Whole Foods kind of mama and running 3 miles 3 times a week – but guess what. I’m not. But I didn’t get a #1 combo today! I had some carrots and hummus for a snack and water. So.. getting there.

8. Do you think you guys will have another?

I won’t tell you how many people asked this over the last year. No, I’m not expecting. I gained some weight people. Geez la WEEZ. They probably weren’t saying I looked pregnant – but this whacked out brain went there. And to really answer that question. I do not plan to birth another baby like ever unless God sends an angel this way to declare it so. However, Ella is praying we adopt a brother. And, that is under discussion. Don’t get excited. We are likely a family of four. We’ll let God decide.

9. Do you like your life?

You didn’t ask this, my counselor did a couple weeks ago. And those were fighting words. And you know what? I do. I actually love my life. I love my kids, my husband, my savior, my friends. I am so very happy. I am fulfilled and I just say yes a lot. And I don’t want to retreat into my house and go to the opposite extreme and say no. I want to let my light shine and be known for living full throttle for God. BUT I know now that I’m most effective to fulfill his calling for my life when I’m taking care of me and my family. I do love my life. I am happy and I am not resting and retreating and taking my eyes of the calling he has laid so clearly in my heart. I adore the heart of moms and bringing faith to life in the home. I will continue to serve and give my heart and energy to sharing my gifts with others.

10. What really matters?

Ok no one asked this. I just wanted to. I read through the first 9 questions and it made me a little nauseous. Did you know that God isn’t really concerned with a perfectly balanced, size whatever, mom that has 2.5 kids and a great marriage? God wants us – trusting him and following him. Broken and all. He wants us growing – closer to him. He loves me with two girls and a private school. He loves my friends that homeschool and those that don’t. He loves those that adopt and those that don’t. He loves me when I snap my kids head off and repent. He loves me when I am patient. There is no formula. There is grace. He’s in the midst of all of this.

He’s right in the smack dab of my journey as I work so hard to be more of me, with more of him. I don’t want to keep working so hard to impress him or impress you. I want more of him and I want to love more of me. No matter the size jeans or number of Facebook followers. I want to feel good body, soul and mind. Never perfect but always growing. I want to be with you in this journey and share from my struggles. I believe in you. God adores us all. Believe it.

Anything else you want to know?

I am assuming that’s it – because about 10 people or much fewer are likely thinking of me and thousands should be thinking of their Lord and their families. Let’s keep the eyes on the prize party people.


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  1. Always keeping it real, Courtney. We can all aspire to that. Vulnerability is a gift to others and brings freedom to self (though it is dang hard!)

  2. i love your real deal courtney. you are awesome & i am in constant AWE of who you are, what you do & how you keep it real. all for his glory & the good of his people. that’s you sister.

  3. Loved this! Thanks for the honesty and humor! and #10 is the best… God doesn’t care if we can cook but He does care about our hearts and how we choose to say Yes to Him! Thanks for being an encouragement to me, friend!

  4. Courtney… I love you. Not as an idol who I expect unrealistic expectations, but in the way that I feel I could sit down on my couch with you and just be able to be real and honest with each other (and you wouldn’t even wrinkle your nose at the thick layer of dust on my shelves or the tumbleweeds of dog hair on the floor!). That is what has drawn me to your blog. I started reading in hopes of preparation for some little girlies of our own, BUT God has other plans. I swore in frustration that I’d quit reading your blog because I’m not a “real” mom, ‘just’ a stepmom, which is a very important job, but it’s not the same as “mom”. But I can’t seem to quit reading your blog. Your heart for your family and for God makes me want to be a better stepmom to our two boys.

    So hang in there. Take care of yourself and please keep sharing with us! Sending a hug!

    1. mary kay. this has touched me beyond and inspired me. don’t leave and email me. i want to support step moms better and i know that wasn’t the purpose of your comment. i am so thankful for your encouragement. you are a REAL mom in every way.

  5. I love that I can call you my friend, and I love that we really COULD cuddle and it wouldn’t be too awkward. 🙂

  6. Well said, Courtney! I’m praying God continue to guide you and prune extra “stuff” away so you can be just the thing He made you for! This blog is such an encouragement to me. Perfection is not found this side of heaven, but bless you for being perfectly real!

    1. paige – you got it girl. pruning is exactly the word. i also feel that wicked enemy and i won’t let him win. but more than him – i feel the love of a father pruning so we can go further out of a place of authenticity.

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