10 Things God Wants You To Remember

 Whenever I see something clever or encouraging or well done,

I have to share it with you.


I went through the carpool line of my daughters’ new preschool.

Lining the side of the walls were the cutest moms ever.

They had water, coffee, a treat bag with granola bar and kisses with cute sticker on outside.

Handing ALL of those goodies through my window




They were the moms from the Advisory Board for the school.

You know, the dedicated ones making it happen – all of the events, volunteers, etc.

I was super impressed.

So, as usual.. took a photo and immediately

uploaded to Facebook for you to see!

You loved it and wanted it pronto.

I hunted down the source and they graciously agreed to share it with you.

Here’s the scoop on the original source.

My school contact said saw it on Pinterest

(pinned this one by Beria Charles on Pinterest).


and just made it their own with the heart to match their theme of the carpool event.

I have also found the “10 things” on Dayspring’s site as one of their cards – so I am trying to get to the ORIGINAL source or writer of the actual text.

If you know, please let me know. I’d love to give that organization credit and point people to that product or person.

It’s great.

Ok… What you are looking for is the


Thanks to my friends at the girls’ school for sharing!

May many many moms be blessed by this message.

Tuck it in your Bible, read to your little ones, keep it in your car.

It’s a great reminder of some truths of our Heavenly Father.

Click above to pin it.

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