25 Gift Ideas for Your Family


If your family is like mine, we have so much. And you’re out of ideas. Here’s a quick list of 25 ideas to get your brain started this Black Friday. I’ll do a kid list another day – this is more for your extended family.

Add your ideas below!

  1. Tickets to an event as a family – promote the experience over a thing.
  2. Season tickets to a park or zoo – every family with little ones would LOVE this.
  3. Photos – every grandparent, aunt, etc – loves an updated photo of your little ones. Slap it on a calendar, mug, bag, puzzle – they don’t care.
  4. Hobbies? Does your loved one sew or have a hobby? Gift card to their favorite store.
  5. Words. Have your kids wrap a box of words full of the things they love about that person. Easy. free. meaningful.
  6. Movie Tickets. Get tickets put in popcorn with the candy.
  7. PooPourri. Everybody needs this in their stocking. Trust me. It works.
  8. Kid Gifts for Grown Ups. I’ve gotten Ron toys – his dad a plane. Every grown man has a kid inside and they love a toy. Think what would light them up and go for it.
  9. Games. Get a good ole family game – something that will gather the crew around for some laughs. The sillier the better.
  10. Socks. These socks are definitely on my list. Great cause – CUTE!
  11. Donation. How can you support a cause that means a lot to them? Cancer or wounded warriors? Is there a cause that is close to their heart – that you can support under the tree?
  12. Tickets. Coupons and tickets are always fun for spouses or from the kids. “One free massage” or “one free nap” ….
  13. Latest trend. Is their a hot nail polish color or lipstick color you can get for the aunt or sister in your life? Things we won’t run out and get but would love to try.
  14. Magazines. I LOVE to read magazines but it seems like a waste. A magazine subscription is a fun treat.
  15. A little Jesus. It always works better when it’s a book, devotional or Christian item YOU have enjoyed vs “here I think you need to get more Jesus in you” suggested gift. 🙂 If there is a book that really impacted you – pass it on.
  16. Music. Is there a CD you love? Pass it on! With all the streaming – our poor artists are literally starving. Support the musicians and buy the CDs!
  17. Upgrade. Our moms and mom-in-laws have been using some of the same cooking utensils for 40 years because they are great stewards. Sneak in their kitchens and see what might delight them? A new set of mixing bowls? A new mixer? They might be attached to theirs. Careful.
  18. Pens. I LOVE a set of fine tip sharpies and a fresh journal. That’s just me.
  19. Monogram anything.
  20. Photo book of a trip you took together.
  21. Frame something special – did they accomplish something big last year that you can recognize or frame?
  22. Think for 5. Have a quick 5 minute brainstorm about that person and what gets their heart – is it the color blue? polka dots? aprons? When you open something and you can tell there was sweet thoughtfulness in the gift – it means so much. Even just notecards with the right touch – it’s special.
  23. Big Fan? Is your family member a big fan of a team? A person? Could you write to their fan club and get them a signed autograph of something?
  24. Letter. I’m a big fan of just writing people notes. Words mean more than any gifts.
  25. Of course – get you some ABC Scripture Cards, Measure Me Grammy Aprons and Conversation Cups! Great gifts if I do say so myself. 🙂

Don’t forget to think about how to use fair trade companies – Melanie has a GREAT list of companies right over here.


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