5 Faith-Filled Family Gifts

Say that title four times fast.

Christmas is coming! I know I’ll be looking for something that lasts longer than a week or even a month.

What gifts or resources will be a gift for the entire family?

What gifts will add meaning to our home ?

What gifts can I GIVE to others that will be faith-filled?

 5 Faith-Filled Family Gifts - Great ideas for giving a gift with purpose and meaning. These gift ideas will help your family remember what is important in life. Gifts with a purpose.

Here are just a few suggestions.

1. Give the Ultimate Gift: THE B-I-B-L-E

I really didn’t know this Bible existed until this year! Did you know there is an ESV version of the Bible with room for notes on the side? It’s amazing.


I bought two for my girls (shared earlier this year) – and we are going to write in them and give to them when they graduate from college. A friend of mine, Teri Lynne Underwood reads through her Bible and doodles all of the way – and then gives it away to someone each year. LOVE THIS! SO neat.


Consider your family or someone you love – and how a fresh new Bible might integrate their faith in a meaningful way. Or maybe get your children their very first Bible. Jeannie Cunnion helps you decide which Bible is good for each age level right here – don’t miss the video.


2. Sing Together

Our family loves worship – especially the tunes of these three artists. Yancy, Casey Darnell and Jamie Grace. I love that we all enjoy their praise and worship songs. We can dance, sing and just enjoy a car ride – with truth filling our hearts.


Don’t forget that Casey wrote In This House – available on iTunes.

3. ABC Scripture Cards

Make one mom’s job easier with ABC Scripture Cards – they teach and decorate. Now available in LifeWay stores (not online yet – retail stores) around the country! And, many of your favorite local gift shops. Many of those local gift stores are out of stock until early December, but you can check back with Magnolia Lane in just a few weeks. Or, if you know a store that carries them – go ahead and place your pre-order. So, when they arrive – you are ready!

Until we restock (thank you for patience), enjoy seeing them at your local LifeWay retail stores and make scripture memory easy for any family on your Christmas list.


4. Family Sign

Is there a certain verse or saying – that your family knows together? Maybe this year, you can decide on one that is your mantra. Your kids can remember clinging to a verse or truth – and it hung right in their home as a reminder of your focus, your faith and your mission. My sign obviously coordinates with my business – but this is our family’s mission as well – to let our lights shine.

I love Tara at Between You and Me Signs!


5. Books That Grow Families Closer

Obviously, I am the author of In This House, We Will Giggle – so it’s going to make the list. My heart’s desire is that little lives are changed and families grow closer to God because of something they read in this book. It is everything I’d want to say to a mom if we were having coffee one-on-one. Give the gift of practical help in making virtues, love and laughter a daily part of your family life. Laughter over lectures!

In This House We Will Giggle

Other books I love this season:


Merry Christmas! Happy Shopping! You’re a great mom. Mean it.

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  1. Hey Courtney!
    I know you are SUPER busy with the book release, etc. Just wondering if you have any plans on making more Scripture cards in the future in the ESV? Doesn’t really matter—it’s the Word of God either way, but our church uses the ESV and we try to have our children memorize from that. Purely curious! I think I’ve asked before via Insta and maybe missed a response!

    1. Hey Lindley! I’m so sorry I missed your Instagram comment. We certainly have other versions of this on our list – the “when” is the hard part to answer. As soon as I know – I will certainly share. To be honest, I think a boy version with existing verses would come first.

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