5 Faith-Filled Spring Break Ideas

Hi everyone! We are on Spring Break right now. Are you? Texas is early in the Spring Break line up.

No matter where you are during Spring Break – home or away – it can be fun to try to find new and unique ways to engage your kids in their journey of faith. Here are some ideas!

1) Track Your Heritage – Have you ever tried to go back and look who might have been the first person to follow God in your family? Or who was the first person to land on American soil in your family? Every kids loves a great story. The Bible is full of them of course – but I also love to tell my kids stories about their very own family. Drive by a town or house or church or school that meant something to your family.

2) Watch An Inspiring Movie – Is there something you’re hoping for or praying for in your children’s life? Or worried about? Sometimes an inspiring movie can send a message stronger than we can – especially if we’ve talked their ear off about the issue. Let someone else encourage them. Wonder or Greatest Showman are two of my favorites lately. What about you?

3) Invite Someone To Your Table – A new friend of mine brought me to tears last week – as she told me about her family inviting a homeless man into the restaurant to eat at their table. A relationship began that you wouldn’t believe. Is there someone on your heart this week – doesn’t have to be homeless. Is there anyone that could use a night out with your family? Pray about an unexpected invite.

4) Draw Creation – As you travel, give the kids a new sketch book and ask them to draw some of their favorite things they see along the way that God created. It’s astounding to realize every color, every animal, ever flower, every ray of sun that he brought into our world. Then share with the car!

5) Family Moments – As I think back to some of my fondest memories growing up during school breaks – I just so enjoyed being with my family. It didn’t matter what we did – but we were together. A lot of wounds are healed with love. A lot of trust is built with love. Find some time in the break to be – to rest. To just swing, walk, sit and relax. To let your kids see your eyeballs and feel you sitting next to them.

I hope you have an awesome break – no matter if you are at home sleeping in or on your wildest, dreamiest vacation. Don’t let comparison steal your joy.


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  1. Uh, the struggle is real. I’ll be at work and the kids will be carted off to childcare. Thanks for some suggestions we can do after work that doesn’t involve going somewhere fabulous!

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