5 Ways to Use Those Pretty Christmas Cards


I LOVE all the Christmas cards – now what? What to do with them? Here are 5 ideas for you!



I tried this one year and I have to be honest I failed. Don’t let my busyness or lack of discipline discourage from something awesome. The days that I emailed or texted my friends with “how can I pray for you – I just pulled your Christmas card randomly out of my prayer stack” were AMAZING days. I am telling you. EVERY TIME. every time… That family needed prayer in a big way that week. God is no dummy. He orders our steps. He knows how to intersect one family in Florida with another in Michigan. He wants us to know he’s in it – the small and the big. This can be a great way to honor your friends and be specific with prayer. However, I found it hard to keep up with and not feel guilty.




This year, I know my limits so I am still going to pull at random and just can’t be in touch with everyone. I am confident prayer works and is needed no matter how often and how it’s done. So, I’ll pull a few when I can and pray for that family. Use a ring, a bow, a box. Anything!



Use these as flashcards for your new readers. Let them learn the names of your families and friends. So fun! Thanks Kara for the photo I stole off your Facebook page.


I saw this on Facebook this morning by Judi and LOVED this idea. Take a photo of the card and save as your contact photo for that family. So fun. I love seeing people’s face pop up when they call or text.




I love inserting a family’s Christmas card in a frame when they visit. It makes them feel appreciated and noticed. I also love inserting a card in my bible when a certain friend is going through a really tough season. Seeing their faces brings them to my heart more often.

How do you use your Christmas cards?

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  1. Hey Courtney! We pick a card at dinner time and pray over them as a family each night. My kids are SO good at remembering! And if it is one of daddy’s friends he leads the prayer, a friend from school then that child gets to lead the prayer and so on. We did not send Christmas cards this year and I am totally regretting it right now…always love being prayed for!

  2. I love cards, so I do this with all the cards I receive. I have cards from when I was a kid. I make a scrapbook out of them. I make it 3D by cutting a slit through the front clear paper, and slide the card through the slit, and with double-sided tape, it hold its place. That way you are still able to read the whole card without having to pull each card out to be able to read them, and for a background I add a colorful scrapbook paper, or card stock.

  3. OHGoodness!! Courtney, I LOVE these ideas. I am going to use the “prayer” idea – pray for a family each day – since I love and have a heart for prayer. You always share THE BEST and most CREATIVE ideas.



  4. Love these ideas – so sweet esp the one about the phone contact photo – another idea is to pop into the fridge magnet ‘frames’ (you can find cheaply at drugstores over here in the uk, imagine there too?) and maybe even crop to fit more than one in a frame or two! Love your blog, thanks so much for all you share! 🙂 God bless you and your family!

  5. Courtney…..this is a great post. Made me frustrated that I just threw all of mine out 🙁

    I have archived this for next year. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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