5 Ways To Giggle Today

I was in a bad mood today. Really bad mood. And I just confessed it to my girls – as if they needed the news alert. The world knows when mama ain’t happy. You know we are the Chief Mood Officers.

Here are a few things that bring the joy back and the giggle back quick.


1. Dance Party

Thanks to Kidz Bop and some other fun stations on Pandora – our family can quickly get a dance party going. On the spot. How low can you go? Sprinkler? You name it. The kitchen. The coffee table. Bring it. (photo from a spontaneous easter dance party)


2. Game Before Bed

We have fallen in love with Uno and Old Maid and we can get stuff DONE before bed because they know they will miss out on the game if they don’t hustle. To the bed! We meet on mom and dad’s bed for one game or maybe two – or maybe three. Depending how fun we are that night. And if I scream or yell dramatically over something – they laugh their heads off. Like BAM! Or UNNOOO! just loud as ever in a serious high pitch. Just shock the giggles out of them.


3. Tickle

Just go old school – right for the arm pities and bellies. Giggles. On. Demand.


4. Chase

Nothing like just sprinting across the room at your kid – for a minute they think they are in trouble, until you grin and then they run squealing. It’s a chase. You can hide. Grab them and toss on your bed for a tickle. Breaks the bad mood cycle every time.


5. Great music

This one always helps the atmosphere in the car, house or anywhere. I must have great music. It was KEY for me to have a song that really brought the book message to life. So, I was THRILLED when my dear friend and talented musician said YES to writing this special song for the book trailer. You can hear some of it in the video below – but the full version is amazing!


It went live on iTunes today. Get it!


You will not regret this purchase. It’ll be your family’s new favorite tune. So sweet, so special. And catchy!


How do you break the bad mood cycle in your home?

And bring back the fun?

Side note: I don’t always snap out of it. I’m going to be honest. Some days I put them to bed still in my mood and it’s the next morning that I have to ask for their forgiveness or try one of these activities to get the joy back in our home. I don’t want you to get any unrealistic expectations that it’s all giggles, all of the time around here. You’re doing a great job. Bad moods and bad days are a part of life. My goal is never perfection – it’s growing. Am I snapping out of it quicker? Am I letting little things bug me when I need to just blow them off? Am I taking things out on them that has nothing to do with them? Am I getting enough time with the Lord so my perspective and priorities are in line? Hang in there sweet friends. We are in this together.

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  1. Oh, this is REAL life, Courtney! Thanks for posting this, what great ideas. I love the Uno on Mom and Dad’s bed idea. I’ve decided recently that a relaxed atmosphere is more important than kids being in the bed at 8:00pm and zero seconds. I will not be rushed crazy-town mama and raise rushed crazy-town kids. We will all take a deep breath.

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