A Ballerina Day

My girl loves to dance. She may have been slight persuaded by her mother. Although she is allowed to quit and pursue other “sports” when interested. I just might shed a tear. So, 5th birthday party was held at her studio where she takes each week.

NOTE: 90 percent of this was seriously done, ordered, cut and crafted by my BFF Katie just because she knew I was juggling the new biz here and loves this stuff. She should start a business. Hire her. I am SO GRATEFUL.


Ella LOVED IT. Look at that face.


Teacher read them a book I wrote for her called Ella the Brilliant Ballerina. You can read it here. Just felt it was important to remind the girls what was most important in terms of beauty.


A birthday party tradition – her and EK always blow out their candles together. (Wings made by Katie.)


During their performance for the parents. They were SO cute!!!


Another creation by Katie.


MORE BLOG CONTRIBUTORS COMING THIS WEEK … if you are over the life of Courtney. 🙂

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