A Book Title and Family Photos


Let’s start here… Alea Moore is ridiculous. One of the most talented photographers I know. I made her do her least favorite thing – a photo shoot without LIGHT. Yep, NO SUN on a wintery day.

I had photos due for publicity reasons and there was literally not another window. I normally wouldn’t let a person pull a bed into the woods for the old Christmas card. (well maybe)



I stalk Alea through Instagram and Facebook and she’s a dear friend of contributor Ashley.

I knew she would be the one to capture some family shots and my head shots for my upcoming book.


Short Update on Book

Do you know how weird it is to say I have a book? If you haven’t noticed, I cannot complete one sentence without a typo. I basically talk through typing using profound words like “such as” and “duh.” All the English majors and those dreaming of writing a book must be kicking the screen right now. I’ll explain later why anyone should even consider this material.


So…. officially announcing the title of the book! Ready? 🙂


“In This House, We Will Giggle”

Making Virtues, Love and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life.

Releasing Fall 2014, published by Waterbrook Multnomah.



Today is the very short version of the story. I’m so excited and so very grateful for your part in this story. That’s the name and there are TONS of our photos by the brilliant Alea Moore here. Please go see her handy work – especially when she has the sun on her side.  She got two FREEZING, wild girls to do all of that. Without candy. Swear. I might have brought a whoopee cushion.


The Long Version of the Book

So, for writers or ANYONE pursuing a dream way bigger than your abilities….I really want to tell you my story. It is LONG and it reveals there is a God. Seriously. So, in the coming days – I’ll share it in parts for those that are interested. His plan is always better.



Who wants a FREE photo session with Alea Moore?

Yes! You read it right! I am so excited. Sweet Alea has agreed to giveaway one free photoshoot for one of YOU (after New Year). It has to be done during a weekday AND in Atlanta. So, if you will travel – enter your name. Or if you are from Atlanta – duh, enter!

THIS IS HUGE. Friends, yes, you can enter. We will do it random and fair. Swear.

Such a great deal – you get digitals image sent to you and you can use and print however you wish! Ah! Dreamy!

One special photo shoot years ago was equally amazing but I couldn’t afford to get any of the photos. It made me really sad. I love how Alea sets this up. You pay for her mad skills and then they are yours – for life.


Just comment below.

CONTEST had ended. Winner: MNorton

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about your book Courtney! I would totally love to win a photo session for our family!!

  2. Can’t wait to read your book next year. And hope I win a free family session with this awesome photographer. Your family pictures are precious!

  3. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment! I know you’re book will be a blessing. Thank you for helping us find and seek “light” in this world. Trying to raise 5 kiddos and instill the gospel in each of them is a task I do not take lightly. Thank you for your transparency! Would love a trip to ATL for some awesome pictures!!

  4. I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to read “In this House…” I already talk about you in my circle of moms as if we are the closest of friends! I love following your blog and instagrams and we Light it Up every year! Thanks for paving the way! And the pictures are beautiful! We would love to win a session! I need some new family pictures with all 5 of us!

  5. Wow! So happy for you! What an accomplishment! Fingers crossed for a photo session with this amazing photographer!! Your photos were fantastic!

  6. Your photos are just darling! I’m excited for you and your book! Writing a children’s book has always been on my bucket list! You inspire me to take chances and do it!

  7. Alea is clearly talented and I see your handiwork there in the picture, too, Miss. Until the book hits shelves, we’ll come back to the blog for encouragement and laughter.

  8. Court – these pictures are fabulous! Cannot wait for my Christmas Card to arrive. I feel it is a framer this year! xoxo!

  9. I am so excited about a book coming!!! I’ll be first in line for it!!
    P.S. We NEED a family shoot. We haven’t had a family portrait done since Cody was 4 months old (sad I know…)

  10. Congratulations. Excited to see how God uses your book to lift spirits, lightens hearts and bring families closer together.

  11. I can’t do the photo shoot but I am just so flippin excited about your book!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay GOD! Awesome awesome awesome! To God be the Glory!

  12. Love the name of your book, so looking forward to reading it! Your family pictures are out of this world good!

  13. Absolutely ADORE the title! Like really really LOVE the title. I’d pick it up even if I didn’t know you. Do I actually know you? We’re great friends destined to one day kickbox.

  14. excited for you and your book!! love the title! I would love the photo shoot! we just had our second baby last week and some updated photos of our family of 4 would be such a gift!

  15. So excited about your book Courtney! Can’t wait to order it! I would love a photo shoot with the amazing Alea Moore as we’ll be adding #4 in January! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. What a wonderful idea for a book! As we start our family, I’m sure your book will be very useful to us. Alea IS amazing, and we would love a free photo opp :-). Thanks for sharing!

  17. Congrats on your book! I think that it’s a wonderful idea. I just published one (self published with Trafford Publishing) on the miracles that I witnessed with my special needs daughter and how God brought us through our wilderness journey. Children are indeed a blessing and a gift! Thanks so very much for your blog! I so enjoy it! PS. My book is entitled: My Life with a Dandelion Available on Amazon or Google Books for about $10 ebooks are about $4. Congrats again! I can’t wait to read your book!!

  18. The photo shoot is GORG! I especially love the stamped fabric in the hoop garland. Totally creative! I am on the edge of my seat for your book. I have fallen in love with the Blog and the Cards the book will be the icing! (I’m not even sucking up..LOL) Congrats on all your success. It certainly has been cold in Atlanta this week but you’d never know it from your pictures! Many Blessings!

  19. I absolutely love the photos Courtney and would be honored to have Alea take some photos of our family. I am so excited to hear more about your book.

  20. Court! I just discovered your blog- will start following you! Pictures are awesome…love that you have a bed outside and your family is precious! Congratulations on your book being published- such a huge honor! looking forward to reading it 🙂

  21. I absolutely love your blog and your ministry of motherhood! It is so inspirational!! I’m looking forward to your book release; congratulations! Having a family of four little ones, we have never had any professional pictures taken. I would love for Alea Moore to capture some memories for us!

  22. I’m new to your blog and trying to get caught up! I love what you’re doing and can’t wait to read your book. And I’d love to win the photoshoot!

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