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A Letter to Women Who Care

coffee with friends

Are you a grandmother of 12 adorable angels that all love Jesus?

Are you the parent of 3 grown kids that are mad at you?

Or the mom of high school kids that have it altogether?


It actually doesn’t matter. If you are a woman who loves God and cares deeply for other women, this heartfelt plea is for you.


There is an ARMY of young moms out there dying to be encouraged by you. We want to sit with you. We want to have coffee with you.


We want to tell you how we are really feeling and possibly cry about that. We want someone to have an answer that has been down this road before. We want you to sometimes watch our kids for free (well that’s pushing it, but I’m going to throw it out there).



More than anything – we need your wisdom, prayer and discernment.


We don’t necessarily need all the answers – we just need someone who has walked the road before that will do these three things:

1)   Point us back to Jesus

2)   Tell us we are going to be OK

3)   Encourage us specifically


So many of you are insecure like me – and you are already counting yourself out. “Well, I didn’t do it all just right.” Or you are thinking, “But I still don’t have it together.” Please jump over to my mentor’s  site, Titus 2, and check out the “Top 5 Myths of a Mentor.”


You think your kids or marriage are PROOF that you have nothing to offer. It’s just simply not true. You have so much to offer. More women than you know. Your struggles and your down times are actually what we need to hear. We need to know you survived and that you actually didn’t love it all of the time.


We need someone other than our moms to hold us accountable, to cheer us on, to care for us and to just simply be there. We need someone to say, “I know. I remember.” And someone to be tough and snap us out of a pity party.

I believe there are SO many young women aching for a mother figure in their life because of distance, death or an estranged relationship. I believe there are even more older women aching to love on some grandbabies and young women that are just doors down from them. You guys just haven’t met!  I think God is in the match-making business and can make a beautiful thing. Young women need the courage to ask for help and guidance. Godly older women need the courage to say YES or just get started and invite someone to tea.

I have been mentored by Regina Williams since I had my first child (7 years ago) and I cannot tell you the difference she has made in my life. When big decisions and big thrills come my way – I tell my Lord and Savior, my family and then I call Regina. She always does those three things. She points me back to Jesus, she reminds me either way I’m going to be OK and I hang up feeling incredibly encouraged.

coffee with friends

Beautiful women of God, please consider.

Please consider using your gifts with just one young woman or ten. It can be formal or informal. Regina has all you need right here to get started. There are so many women out there ready. Just say yes. They’ll show up. One by one. And they’ll meet Jesus in a new fresh way because of your obedience.

I am one woman deeply grateful that Regina and Linda both said yes.

  • Grandmothers, seasoned moms, Godly women – will you prayerfully consider mentoring someone? Reaching out to a young woman today that needs your love and encouragement? Or leading a group?
  • Young moms and young women – will you have the courage to ask that older woman to mentor you? Or sign up for a ladies group where mentors are present?

We need each other.


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  1. yes yes & yes! one thing i love & hopefully have encouraged with my girls is that they develop relationships with women that can pour into them, bless them, encourage them. it has been vital for me too!!

  2. two more ideas guys. 1) you can help play matchmaker? if you know of a mom that needs this so bad. help her find that mentor or pray with her on this issue. 2) if you know of an older woman that would be great at this – and lacks the confidence. will you send her this post with a personal note that you believe in her? encourage her to say yes and get out of her comfort zone. encourage her that she is needed so badly.

  3. And encouragement is not limited to older women. My daughter who is 27 is mentoring a young lady just out of college. All those who travel down His path can encourage those a little behind us!

    1. helen – i absolutely agree. the #1 myth i wrote about on my mentor’s blog today was just that. it’s not just for older women. i mentor many girls and have been doing that since i was in college and first out of school. love encouraging other women of all seasons. mostly from my mistakes! thanks for how you have prayed for and encouraged me for so long.

  4. Courtney, I love this!! Mentoring is a passion of mine…I’ve experienced how powerfully God can work when the generations connect! He truly touches hearts and changes lives. My spiritual mom and I have actually published a book titled “Letters from Leanne – The Beauty of a Spiritual Mother-Daughter Relationship”. It’s a look at how He does exactly what you describe!! Thank you for sharing this…looking forward to passing it on! Blessings!

  5. Thanks for posting about this, Court! You know I love a post on mentoring. 🙂 I have a feeling these words will give the women just the confidence they need to share their hearts and lives with other women. Blessed beyond measure by your wisdom over the years. Thankful to call you a mentor of mine!

  6. I would LOVE to. I am called to do this- found your site via Pinterest. Please send more information! 🙂
    Jeremiah 29:11 – Amanda

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