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So, Monday you will see a playroom that is pretty much over the top. And really unecessary. And, I just will feel better to list the disclaimers – some funny, some serious.


1. I believe my kids did not “need” this – most kids could use a ball, the outdoors or a piece of chalk.

2. I believe strongly in imagination, a world of play and teaching our kids to CREATE, DREAM and USE their imaginations.

3. I would totally wonder if I was you – NO, I didn’t use one single dollar from ABC Scripture Cards for the use of this project. Pinky promise. 🙂

4. I did some of it myself and used one amazing woman Carol – carpenter, handy woman to pull off a play area that my girls and I designed together.

5. It is HOT as an oven in Florida and we don’t have a yard. So, consider this our “play yard” indoors

6. This is a very girly area that is very specific to what my girls do and love. I’d love to help you think of ways that would capture the hearts of your kids and create a space that is functional yet inspirational. Think lego walls or an outdoor fishing spot just for you and your fam. The world is yours!

7. I am NOT an interior designer – and will never be. So, you need to look on sites like Lay Baby Lay or The Handmade Home or Milk and Honey Home for people that have a clue. I just am a kid that has a brain with loads of ideas.

8. I am also not a photographer but tried to show you every bit of it. I really love the tiny little touches and things that are less “cool” from a decor standpoint but more in the realm of “delighting the hearts of my girls.”

9. If my girls decide they hate ballet next year and move onto cheerleading – that’s cool. This is staying. Because it’s kind of for me too. I tap and I still have dreams of dancing backup for Janet Jackson. They will always be little performers. We practice scripture on the mic. We sing praise songs. There will always be a reason for a stage. I want them comfortable in those bodies – never cocky or sassy – just able to get up and say what’s on their hearts.

10. And, the best disclaimer of them all – I totally didn’t measure, take notes or keep all the receipts together. So, at some point – Carol/I will try to tell you how to DYI this bad boy. That will be fun. 🙂
Check back Monday for all of the photos!


For just a short time, they are little. For just a short time, they will sit and play dolls. And, jump into a world of wonder. For just a short time, they will wear dresses and twirl. They will sing and dance without reservation. They will make a window a drive-thru, a princess window and a bank within an hour. For just a short time, they will invite me into their imaginative worlds and I will so proudly meet them there.


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  1. Love it! I’m praying you enjoy your space and share it without hesitation because the people it touches, encourages, or sparks some ideas of their own will far outway anything negative. Have a beautiful Sunday DeFeos!

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