A Praying Mom – Part 2


We saw ‘My Fair Lady’ recently.

I gotta admit it was terribly dull….as compared to Wicked and others of note….woah.

And did I mention we were on the back row? I mean, balcony next to the very back row (binoculars wouldn’t help).

Oh yeah, and I had both kids.

I know….. right?

The kids were fine. Cam fell asleep at intermission and Davis got a Coke.

All was well, I’m laughing thinking about it.

There is a song in ‘My Fair Lady’ called ‘Show Me.’

Once upon a time, I actually sang it myself. The song begins with Eliza barking about how Freddy’s words and everyone else’s for that matter are worthless to her….she needs a little showing.

Can you relate?

Tonight was one of those moments that

I do not ever ever ever want to forget.

I couldn’t make this stuff up….

After bedtime was long over, I heard stirring tonight. Davis comes walking around the corner with big tears and clearly upset. I honestly thought to myself … Oh heavens, here it comes. He’s missing Blair so bad and I have no idea what I’m possibly going to tell him at 9:24 pm that is going to make sleep come easy.

But, he quickly says, ‘Mom, these are really happy tears.’

I was relieved. Thank you Jesus for happy tears…whew.

Tell me more, buddy….


He then said these words,

‘Mom, your prayer over me made me

so happy that I am just crying.

It made me feel so good.’

This is the power of Christ in me. This isn’t me I can assure you. His words.

WORDS of LIFE spoken to a child are beyond powerful.

I don’t remember exactly what I prayed over him….something similar to this ‘you are a child of God, you are anointed with Christ in you, you are precious to Him, you are smart, you are talented, you are kind, He loves you so much, I love you so much, you are adored and loved beyond what you can comprehend.’ Nothing unusual…just exactly what God says about us because the truth is that our personalities may fail us time and time again but HIS SPIRIT in us is all these things all the time. We choose who leads. I want more than anything else for Davis that he believes these words are true. And, a simple prayer showed him that tonight. A prayer tonight that I never dreamed would be the one that would make him cry ‘happy tears’ and that pierced his soul with God’s precious words of LIFE given to all of us for us to just believe and speak back to ourselves and others. We hugged and talked about that prayer for 20 minutes. Just holding his sweet little 6-year-old frame.

Please dear Lord let me never forget to show my kids how these words impact their life.

Let me never forget that everyday I speak life or death over my children. Let your Spirit supersede my feelings of tiredness to show my kids that I am never too tired to speak life over them. Praise you Jesus for letting me see the impact of your words in my child’s sweet heart and life tonight. To God be the glory.


What words or phrases do you pray over your children?

Does the opportunity to impact them and speak truth overwhelm you or excite you?

Do you feel you know what to say or wish you had more tools?

If you too have similar stories of speaking life and truth into your kids, please share here!

If you missed Part 1, Click here.

Stay tuned for Part 34, and 5.

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