A Praying Mom – Part 3

 I was in the shower on Wednesday morning of last week,

and was thinking about a couple blog posts

and thought

I should do a whole week dedicated to A PRAYING MOM.

Then, I got to the Mother’s Day school at my girls’ precious school.

Guest speaker for the lunch:

Barbara Francis


When A Mother Prays


I find that pretty neat.

I’m sure it was on the invitation

and maybe I subconsciously ripped it off already.

Either way, my pen was moving.

Her material was rich and profound.

As a grandmother of many and mother of two and follower of Christ,

I soaked up her every word.


Here are my favorite points from her presentation.

She joyfully agreed to letting me share them with you.

“Be earnest and unwearied and steadfast in your prayer life,

being both alert and intent in your praying, with thanksgiving.”

Colossians 4:2 (Amplified Version)


1. It Changes You

In the act of depending on God, your spirit is lightened.

Even BEFORE your circumstances have changed.

Prayer is simply talking to God.

Get in the habit of asking yourself,

“How is my life changed because I’ve been a mother?”

He changes our character!


2. It Changes Your Children

When you pray and get your delight from Him, it will overflow to them.

Be prayer warriors for your kids.

Pray specific scripture for them. Consider putting their initial by those verses.

Consistent scripture for them throughout their years.

3. It Changes Your Need For God

You realize you cannot do it alone and you have a deep need for Him.

Something about motherhood brings us to the end of ourselves.

She said MUCH MUCH more of course – I wish I could’ve recorded it and played for you!


She shared this link and I thought it was awesome. Download here.

iMOM Shell - Moms


I emailed with Barbara and asked for



I had written notes all over. It is great.

I am constantly at a loss for what verses to send or look up for various situations.

This is a GREAT tool to tuck in your Bible.


She also wanted me to invite you all to join her monthly

Devoted to Prayer section on BarbaraFrancis.com.

Check back Thursday and Friday

for Part 4 and Part 5.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2

of A Praying Mom if you missed it!


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