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A Thankful Brunch

Big things just don’t happen overnight… and definitely don’t happen with one person. It takes an army. An army of God-loving women. Who never worry about themselves.




Once I knew my cards were hitting the market, I knew I wanted to stop and thank a bunch of people. If I could’ve invited every one of you – I really would have. Every person that has bought a set and every person that has emailed “thanks” to a blog post. You have had a part in keeping this going.

So, I had a brunch just to stop the madness of internet friendship.



As beautiful as the community is of blogs and Instagram and Facebook. It is also so very very lovely to look some people square in the eyeballs and say “I love you” and “I am grateful for you” and “You are worthy” and “I think you are awesome” and “I couldn’t have done this without you.”


How do you pick a list when there is a sea of people to hug and thank? So, to be fair … I went with the current Lil Light O’ Mine blog contributors. Some of them my oldest, dearest friends. Some of them, new friends through this blogging world – but know me like none other and have walked me through the last two years of insanity.

Some of you weren’t there and should’ve been and please know I love you and I am so very grateful.




I wanted them to meet each other. I wanted my girls to see and meet them.



We gathered at Katie’s mom’s beautiful home in Buckhead. That woman is a saint – in the midst of a painful surgery. Not even there – healing. She loaned us the perfect environment to hug and squeal.


We toasted. laughed. giggled. hugged. prayed.

We called each other by instagram names and real names. We connected the oh-so-many dots around the room. We recalled silly times from college or found common bonds of new friendships. And, I’m pretty sure we might have scarred intern Katie for life during one discussion. Sorry Katie.


Of course, we served all things Southern like tea and cheese straws, chicken salad and petit fors.


Our most honored guest was our Heavenly Father.

The common demoninator of this crew is that they are madly in love with Jesus. They are raw, authentic, never perfect and growing. They are so very real and they love to share it all.



There is a reason they are on the list and I want you to get to know them. Read their stories and blogs here.

They are good, good people. Beautiful women in their own special way just like you.



They have each poured into me and expected nothing in return. They know I am so little and God is so big. We are all a part of a story. And we want to see others fall in love with Jesus too.


We prayed together at the end for our words on this blog, for our influence, for our families, for your families, for moms and more. Even if it’s just one mom encouraged per post – job done.

It was a beautiful day. I am full, full of gratitude. Not sure why I have the incredible privilege to know them – but will never take the gifts lightly and share them with you often.


Thank you Katie & Kelli for making it happen. You are priceless friends to me.


Thank you @lboriginals (Laurie Byrne) for the precious paper gifts for my favorite writers out there. They made the table oh so cute and some sweet moms smile today!

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  1. Yay! Loved it! I took some pics of the prayer time. Does that make me less holy? I can’t believe you got this post out so quickly. Love you! You’re dear and eloquent and a great encourager. Thanks for being obedient to Jesus and deciding not to coast through life.

    1. you crack me up. get me those pics. that makes you a great friend because i want to remember that moment. i am at grammy and poppy’s tonight and about to be at the mart for two days – so either sweat between the girls up there or knock this out. i like to write when i’m emotional about the day. 🙂

  2. I just love this post. So much. I read it last night, and then again this morning just to make sure I wouldn’t miss any of the goodness. I love that you took the time out of the craziness of this week to sit and reflect on God’s faithfulness. All too often I utter up a prayer of thankfulness, but rarely do I take the time to truly bask in the faithfulness. Thanks again for the example, my friend…and for being obedient to our Savior. The lives that are being impacted are countless!

    Please make sure the girls know that as you were brunching, laughing and praying, I was praying as well. Each of you were lifted up by name…Erin, Katie, Ashley, Rachel, Kristen, Tara, Jennifer, Kelli, Paige, Ashley, Emily, Jennifer, Kelly, Joy, Kylie, Sandra, Regina…and of course, you, sweet Courtney. Excited to see how God shows out for all of us in this new chapter of Lil Light O’ Mine!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful writing. Next purchase are your cards. Been wanting them for a while!

  4. What a lovely, lovely affair! And, might I add, I have both both of my Grans a set of your ABC Scripture Cards. They are so wonderful! Blessings to you!

  5. I am so bummed I could not make it, but it looks like a PRECIOUS time together. Love your heart for gratefulness and connection. Amazed at all the fun things God is bringing your way right now!! So awesome to see Him at work. Blessings!!

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