A TV Show For Moms

Oh heaven help us. I feel like I’m going to wake up and there’s a candid camera somewhere. My friend Kristen called and and texted and called and REALLY wanted me to come to swim at her mom’s house. So I figured I better go. I knew she wanted me to meet her mom, Barbara, who is the host of The Good Life here in Orlando.

Do y’all remember awesome Rachel telling her amazing story on her show recently? Seriously, if you know anyone that is a widow or gone through tragic loss – please show them this video for hope. She is amazing.

I digress, as usual. I definitely had not showered and was so nasty. We started talking Barbara’s vision for her show and an idea she had to pilot a new show – just for moms. I loved it of course.

I thought she truly wanted my ideas, little did I know… I was in my first poolside interview….

while doing the underwater “snap” at Larson with accompanying eyeball stare (do not interrupt me while I’m talking to someone so important OR!)


I took Larson potty and returned to Kristen and Barbara smiling,

“Can you meet Tuesday and tape the show on Thursday?”

I was shocked and said, “Um, sure!”


I knew it was a pilot show and I knew this was a straight connection with my passion for encouraging moms…. or I would’ve taken more time to think it over. If it goes into a big commitment, I will certainly be in a bigger prayer situation with Ron and my Heavenly Father.

So, check it out! Meet some of my sweet friends.

What do you think? This airs on TV45 over the next couple weeks, but you can see it now. Once again, not on the list or the radar for me, but grateful for the opportunity. We had a total blast! Makeup chair was fun and so was having a good ole mom chat with great people. Just had to ignore those big ole cameras.

GA062013 from The Good Life on Vimeo.

You can be honest. We actually want your thoughts – not just Orlando. All cities.

  • Do you watch TV during the day for you?
  • Would you watch a daytime talk show with moms like this?
  • Would you likely DVR bc of crazy schedules or rather just scroll videos online and choose episode that sounds most appealing to you?
  • If you are working during the day, would this type of show interest you in any format?
  • What topics would you want us to discuss?
  • What guests would you like to see us bring on – doesn’t have to be local.

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  1. Just watched…and I LOVED it! You know I’d be DVRing it EVERY day! Excited for the possibility of something like this, Court!

  2. I just had a chance to watch and loved it. I enjoyed hearing women who love the Lord and their families share struggles that I can relate to. While I don’t watch much TV during the day since I have two little ones at home, this is a show that I would record and watch later.

  3. Love this! So encouraging! Thank you or discussing discipline, education, service, real families and real life from a holy perspective. Each of these topics could be covered in more depth in multiple episodes. I don’t watch much TV during the day, but would absolutely DVR for later if you would please broadcast in Kansas City! 🙂

  4. Oh court I’m loving this! I have to get off my duff and go be the “mom God intended me to be” but can’t wait to watch the rest later. So excited for the honesty and true beauty you are showing off! More later.

  5. This was awesome Courtney! You did great and it was so good to see you “live”! I needed to hear this tonight. I’m struggling with feeling like that “non-creative summer mom”! Thanks for the reminder that we are all made different and don’t need to compare ourselves to others. Miss you!

  6. Just watched it now! So behind on my blog reading;) I am not a tv person at all but would watch this type thing online…love hearing ideas and feeling mentored by other godly women in an upbeat format. Y’all did great being real and relatable. What a fun opportunity!

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