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I’ve got some pretty big news for ABC Scripture Cards. I am so very excited, but it is a long story. I want to explain it because like all of our lives – God was working behind the scenes in the details and I want to share that part of it.

Short version for those in a hurry

ABC Scripture Cards are hitting retail stores in August. We will partner with Cabell’s Designs and Magnolia Lane Collection to make that happen – selling at the Atlanta Gift & Home Market in July at Americasmart. If you are a buyer, head on over to Magnolia Lane to register now or just come by the booth on Floor 18, Building 2 (Darrah Showroom – Magnolia Lane area). I’ll be there July 12-13 but they’ll take orders now or throughout the entire show.

MAJOR NOTE: After July (or whenever I run out of stock), you will not be able to buy them here on this site, so I REALLY need your help contacting your local stores. I want my most loyal customers to still have easy access to them (hooray save on shipping) and have them right in your own towns.


Long version so you know my heart

I think it’s important for anyone that following Christ or following a dream or raising a family to see how this story played out for me.

In March 2011, I had the idea for Lil Light O’ Mine and I really dreamed of a LINE of products that would empower moms and change little lives. I wanted home decor to teach kids about Christ in a very stylish in relevant way. My husband was so generous to let me use one of his bonus checks to get started so I had to start small with two products a website and Facebook page.

During my research and planning, my mentor suggested that I get feedback from a key woman entrepreneur Susan Peterson of Cabell’s Designs. I met with her and basically fell in love. I loved her heart, her wisdom and everything about her. She said, “I say ‘NO, don’t do it to most young moms – but I’m telling you to go for it.'” What a boost of confidence for me. She also placed seeds of BIG generosity in my heart – reminding me that if we are great stewards with the little bit, God will entrust us with more. He’ll expand our tents.

In October 2011, I launched Lil Light O’ Mine with two products:

ABC Scripture Cards and My Lil Money Jars. It was clear within months that ABC Scripture Cards was a product that thousands of moms wanted. And, the jars were very popular in a “pin on Pinterest” kind of way – and a PAIN to manufacture. So, since I strongly believed in the concept – I made a DIY post and said go for it. It was also clear that I was made to create products and not manufacture or sell them. Know your strengths people. 🙂

I think it’s important to note that most of my decisions are made from a unique position. I am SO VERY grateful that my husband provides for our family. In a way that this business has never been about income or profits. I truly see it as a ministry opportunity. I want to change lives, share Christ and influence others. I want to sell more – so that more kids eat lunch in Africa. Early in the days of the business, with the help of Kylie and Ashley – I identified IVO as the one partner that would receive my “tithe” each month. I felt so good knowing 100% of my donation would go directly to the front lines. My money – your money – feeding kids. Lots of them.


You also know my heart for my kids and being PRESENT and HAPPY.

So, when God’s calling as a mom rubs up against His calling in a business – we have a problem. Not a crisis, but a problem. After our move to Orlando and many crazy press opportunities and more exciting steps (signing with agent for a book) – it became clear I needed to move the cards off my plate.



I think this will help some folks with small businesses. If you have a product you KNOW sells and people love and it’s getting way bigger than you can handle – what do you do?

1. I could go on Shark Tank – really thought about it and many suggested it

2. I could get investors – Ron wasn’t comfortable giving me the girl’s college funds. Take BIG money to go “BIG” and get it in stores or go from printing 1,000 at a time to printing TONS and stocking up and going all in.

3. Find a partner to help you do what you are NOT good at – and spend time doing what you love to do.

Since income is not our goal. I obviously went with number 3. I had several investor options which were so appealing – but having tons of money doesn’t take away work. It just adds. I’d still own all of it. And, my girls are too important and so is my marriage. For those that never got your cards or never got an email back – I just shouldn’t run a store. I’m a creative, whacko – details, not so much.

So, I pitched it to a couple huge companies and doors closed. I was sad – but trusted God and KNEW my product was good, really good. Enter Susan Peterson – she was proofing a proposal for me and said, “What would you think about coming on board with us?” I cried, naturally. YES!



Fast forward MONTHS and prayers and meetings – and Magnolia Lane Collection – the distributor of her products said YES. They will take the majority of the work and money and I am THRILLED with the decision. We have created a NEW box so customers know exactly what they are looking at – when they walk by them on a shelf. I’ve been DREAMING of this box for so long. Can’t believe it.


Here is how it will work.

In July, buyers (any stores – anywhere from Children’s boutiques to Home Decor stores) can order the cards wholesale in person at the Home & Gift Market in Atlanta or online here.

AFTER JULY – I will not be selling them online anymore, so yes. You will need to get them at a local store. SO, before you panic – there is something you can do. Take this flyer to your favorite store and tell them you’d love for them to carry this product. Because it saves you on SHIPPING! You can just walk in and get them whenever you want them! Magnolia will carry some online starting in August but at a much higher price for emergency/desperate times.


I would really LOVE if you could take THIS FLYER into your favorite store and let them know these are available to them. That would mean so much!


Thank you to the thousands of customers who have made this possible. To Susan and Cabell for always believing in me and this product. I will continue to support IVO and expand to support Karama Gifts ongoing from the giving side.


Want more products?

I’ve been like the girl who cries wolf, right? Now, all of those products I’ve been dreaming about – I get to dream and create and collaborate with Susan and Cabell. Then, the people that do it best – Magnolia Lane Collection will manufacture them. I am so thrilled. Stay tuned.

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  1. You are an inspiration in so many ways… to follow God’s calling, to be creative even if it seems crazy, to keep priorities, and the hardest… to let go. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be sharing your flyer.

    1. kelli – that means a lot. and you are exactly right. this ‘letting go” has been way hard. but i KNOW it is for the best for all. it can never reach as many people and my family cannot thrive with my tight grips on it. thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Congratulations, Courtney! I’m very very happy for you. God’s continued blessings to you and your family.

  3. I gave your flyer to 2 of my favorite shops today! I selfishly need these to be accessible! 🙂

  4. Courtney! What an honor to work with you!!! You know how much I love you AND your ABC scripture cards!! These cards are amazing people! Don’t just buy ONE, buy packs and packs of them cause you will want EVERY friend you ever had to have these in their home. Way to go Courtney! You are amazing!!!

  5. i’m over here in tanzania jumping up and down with tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!! hongera sana (that’s ‘congratulations very much’ in kiswahili) courtney!!!!!! S & C were here when the big news hit that your (completely GORGEOUS!!) scripture cards would be featured on the view and we all just stopped and praised Him for His Goodness. thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFULLY (filled with Jesus) story with all of us readers and for stretching your arms long enough to wrap around Karama too. <dyan larmey

    1. friends – this is ryan of karama. do you just love her? can’t wait to know you more!!! fun things ahead.

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