ABC Scripture Cards For Sale!

Are you serious? Did a coffee talk dream and sketches on a napkin really come to life? And they are in storeS plural – not just a friend’s store?

People. I still can’t believe this.

I am so very excited at the power of YES. YES God! I will follow the nudge to follow some whispers. YES God! I will also follow the nudge to keep family first and essentially give it up – sell to Magnolia Lane. So, family balance remains first.



Life is all a giant lesson and journey and my hands are learning to loosen the grip.

The ride is so much sweeter than I can ever plan it to be. I sit here this morning in awe and full of gratitude. It seems silly but I really dreamed of this box.





I dreamed of how they might look in a store. And, now look. This is how they look in Grace 251 in Dalton, GA. God, thank you for Susan Brown in Dalton GA for being one giant cheerleader of this product.




People! Friends! Moms! There is God’s word going into homes – many that don’t normally discuss is. That was my prayer and another hope. Get in front of moms and grandmoms and customers that wouldn’t normally know where to start. I didn’t want to have them exclusively in Christian stores. I wanted the new Christian or seeker to see this product and say, “I can try that.”

This isn’t me, it’s HIM. I’m going to keep saying YES even when it’s tough or not my idea of the best route.


So, which stores have them

So…. here’s the beginning list (scroll to bottom). And more are shipping this week and I’ll add those names.

Thank you to ALL of you from the original stores to friends to fans that made this possible. Please continue to let me know of “just the right store” and I’ll be happy to contact them.


Let me introduce you to a few of them.


Meet Danielle. Mudpies & Mason Jars


baseball pictures 003

She started her own online biz – and it’s going bananas. So cute! I met her through Kelli. And I cannot tell you the number of emails and texts she has sent cheering me on. I am SO delighted she is carrying them. Check out her auction for the cards THIS THURSDAY on Facebook at 9 pm (runs every Thursday). Such great stuff. Visit Mudpies & Mason Jars.



Meet Ruth. Carol & Company


I met Ruth “online” through Paige Knudsen early on and I actually said NO when she asked to carry the cards. Eek. I wasn’t ready for others to carry the cards. I have watched her online store explode and now she has a physical precious store in Chicago (Barrington). So happy for her. And she goes to Willow Creek Church – sort of jealous. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN GET THEM ONLINE right now. Thank you Ruth for our early friendship and tales of motherhood meeting entrepreneur. You are awesome. Visit Carol and Company.


Meet Susan. Grace 251.


She heard of these cards and flipped out. I went to her store and did a speaking thing and flipped out. You can feel the presence of God – no joke – when you walk in the door. People – GO. I love this woman. I am so glad we are seriously buds now. She is selling like TONS. Because she believes in the power of God’s word and can’t stop talking about it. She has also displayed them so very cute and HUNG THEM (new buyers – be sure to hang them for visual interest). She’ll totally ship you some cards if you want to call in an order.  Visit Grace 251.


Go HERE to see the list of other stores. If you’d like a store to carry them in your town, go tell them! Or, just connect me with them. If you are selling them and I didn’t get your name on the list, please send me a photo of them in your store and a link you’d like on the site to info@lillightomine.com. If you are a new store and want to order some, contact Magnolia Lane.


Thank you to Favorite Laundry, Tugboat & The Bird, Beth Nolen, Passion City and The Honeybee – my original stores. So very grateful!!!

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