ABC Scripture Cards WORK – PART 2

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I want to talk more about the ABC Scripture Cards because I want them to be most useful to you and I am passionate about scripture in the hearts of our kids. As a parent, this is why I’m doing it:

  • The Bible promises that scripture will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11)
  •  It gives us a common language and filter other than “because mom said so.”
  • When they are scared, confused or worried – one of these verses might pop in their little minds.
  • When we have a tough issue or situation – it gives us a great discussion point that quickly comes to MY mind (because I am memorizing with them).
  • Shows them the many, many truths and amazing things about God & Jesus that are in their Bible – not just the Bible stories they will hear.

My goal isn’t to sell more with this blog post – it’s to make sure the thousands of you that bought some aren’t scratching your heads going “now what?”


Yesterday, I showed you two (way too long) videos of Ella tackling almost 21 of them. NOT TO OVERWHELM you but you to show you that it is possible. That excites me! Our little ones can memorize scripture like this! They can really do it. However, it does take some time. We started a year ago.

Now, let me remind you a few things that make our situation unique in case you’re feeling “less then” or “guilty.” I only have 2 kids. I am mostly a stay-at-home mom. I own this business so memorizing these is a HIGH priority in our family. We have spent a lot of time on these. However, it is not daily so don’t start sweating.



Where do you use yours?

I have mine in the kitchen, all 26 on the easel that is provided. I put the “one” that we are working on in the front. I also have a set hanging in the playroom. I just bought some cheapo tiny clothespins and hung them from a ribbon.

One customer displays hers like this.


One customer displays them like this.



Some people do just one on the fridge with the magnet that comes in the box.


And, some folks frame them because they are 5×7 so easy to use your own frames.

Some do in their shared space and some do in kids rooms or playrooms even multiple cards and even their names!


I like being able to hold the set and flip through them often when memorizing is the goal.


How often do you change them?

Each child is different. This is really a big point because the sex of the child, the age, the season of the year, etc. – all makes such a big difference. However, Ella (age 5) does well with 4-5 cards at a time. We do that group over and over again for about 4-6 weeks.

How do you teach it?

If doing the 4-5 at a time, I just teach her that many in a sitting. I hold them and show them to her (she can’t read yet). She recognizes the letter. I read it aloud and have her repeat the verse and go through each one several times and she just starts getting it. A few minutes later while cooking dinner or while she is coloring, I will say “Ella, what was the E verse? D?” to review and recalling it a bit later helps a ton. I ask her when something comes up that is relevant. A discussion on a friend and I say “What is the A verse, Ella – because that is “A friend loves at all times.” Sometimes, we’ll do a hand motion or a catchy tune to make it really stick.

Do you include the scripture reference?

In the beginning, yes! She has many of those memorized. Then, she kept getting confused because many of them are similar. I feared that I was asking her too much for her age. Now, I’m confident that it’s really important in the memorization long term and she can do it. So, I’m going to try and add it back. I don’t think it’s mandatory – up to the parent of course.

What are other ways to teach it for younger ones?

For ages 3 and younger, I would probably do one a month and constantly review.  You coul place one on the fridge for focus. Larson (my 3-year-old) hears Ella and I so much – she is picking them up just by listening. Poor second child doesn’t get the focus she deserves. Asking and reviewing is key throughout the month and bringing up in the right context of a situation. For ages 3 and younger, start with the shortest ones and easiest ones to understand (not in alphabet order).

How can you get creative if child seems disinterested?

First, I would say DO NOT PUSH IT. They aren’t in trouble. I want God’s word to be fun and exciting to them. There isn’t a deadline. You can even have some prizes for them to entice them. Never punish them over this or get mad. Just come back to it another day.

Ella definitely hit a wall after a while and my friend Kristine suggested singing them. So, I made up a few homemade tunes and it worked! Ella picked those up QUICK! We have done hand motions to some and those are STUCK in her brain.

My favorite new idea comes from Kristine AGAIN (her 5-year-old son, Adler, is DONE and getting my first certificate of completion – email me if your kid gets to Z!).


She recorded her made-up tunes (inspired by Tim Tebow and his mother’s approach) on her phone using voice recorder and he would just play them back to practice! He had prizes at stake for every 5 verses. That boy is DONE!

NOTE: If you know Tim Tebow or his mom… Kristine and I are on a hunt for them. We need him to sign Adler’s cards and we need her on the blog as a contributor pretty please. Dreaming big and we believe it’s possible.

So, if you have an iphone or other handy dandy phone that can record things, make up something silly and they will stick in those brains.


What other tips do you have?

I will be cleaning or cooking and start singing “Make music in your hearts to the Lord, always giving thanks to God!” and keep moving about my business. And, suddenly I’ll hear two little echos. Oh, it makes me teary typing that. My mom did this. They just copy us people! There are so many days I’ll just hear them singing a praise song in the playroom or singing one of these verses. They are sponges and WHY NOT FILL THESE SPONGES with good things. Solid advice, solid truth, solid wisdom that will come back out into their minds with life gets rough.

Also, think of times when they are doing other things like eating breakast, laying in bed and stalling for bedtime, in the car is great for review, etc. I often do it when I’m making dinner or late afternoon.


Do you have to use cards?

Of course not! I wanted these cards because I know how my brain operates. If something isn’t right out in our home and in my space – it will be forgotten.  I am a total snot and it’s got to look cute. As one friend said before, “I like pretty things.” I don’t want my ENTIRE house looking like a playroom, but that’s just me.  I thought it could be fun to merge the mom’s style and the child’s heart. Voila! ABC Scripture Cards.


However, if you have printouts taped all over your fridge or something else you found online or made your own – go for it! Or, if you have your Bible open and you are using it. Get out of town!


A mother teaching her kids about Jesus



1 verse

26 verses

this year

next year


3 years from now….




Any other questions? Or ways I can help?

I think you are a great mom!

AND, WOWSERS on the Photo Contest. I had no idea you people were going to get into it! I am so excited about all of the voting on Facebook and most importantly the precious photos that will be up on this site. Oh, my. Some of the races are neck and neck. I am watching and can’t take the suspense.

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