Courtney DeFeo Family

I’m Courtney DeFeo!

Let’s get to know each other geographically first. I’m a southern girl and I have several favorite towns.

  • Born and raised near Atlanta, GA (go Parkview Panthers!)
  • Went to college at Auburn University (War Eagle!)
  • Did the early career years, early married years and baby years in the Atlanta area
  • Took a brief 4-year stop by Orlando, FL for Ron’s job and basically lived at the Magic Kingdom
  • Moved to Colleyville, TX in 2015
  • Our families are in Georgia and South Carolina so we consider those “home” as well 

A few of my favorite things to write about, speak about, chat about, brainstorm about.

  • How much I love Jesus and how He has changed my life
  • Getting real with other moms about the journey – yet encouraging each other to press on
  • Sharing super practical and fun resources and ideas to help families grow in their faith
  • Finding new and fun ways to put love in action every day
  • Encouraging others and connecting you to resources that make parenting easier

A few of my favorite things.

  • Chick-fil-A – it’s food and the company for impacting my life for years
  • Auburn, AL – I love every single thing about it
  • Buckhead Church – always a special place for a place where I fell in love with Jesus again
  • Compass Church – our current church and Texas family
  • Head Gear – I really do love any type of head gear or hat that is silly – might have a full costume closet 
  • Podcasts – I’m a big learner and student and thrilled to be able to do that while juggling life and kids
  • Also – I can’t get enough of Rockettes, Greatest Showman, Coca-Cola classic

My girls are now teens and one is driving. So, now I have my own Uber and it is amazing. Ron and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year. Our family enjoys traveling, table-side guacamole and just simply being together. Ron went through a cancer journey late in 2022 and that certainly provided perspective to all of us and strengthen our faith in a special way.

I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better! If you’re interested in the professional bio and story behind my products, start here.