Am I a Balanced Mom?

 Do you think I’m a balanced mom?

Do you think any mom every ARRIVES at “BALANCED?”


I’m just going to say a big fat NO!

It is a constant battle I think we are all going to fight.

And, I think it’s worth the fight.

Some days the the marriage battle is winning and we are sailing. Others things are failing miserably,

but man-oh-man, he is getting just what he needs.


Other days, I am like a laser on those kids. The world around me doesn’t matter.

And, I am playing, giggling, skipping all day with girls.

Other days, it’s a BEAUTIFUL walk with God.

Sometimes, all I think about is YOU and how I can better serve YOU and help you through this journey.

I hardly ever think about cleaning my house or cooking.

Unless someone’s coming over of course. 🙂


And, then some days – it’s like a beautiful dance of all of it and I feel “balanced” for a minute

and a half and then someone barfs or I get an email that rips me off track.

Here is what I’d tell you, since one of you asked.

1. First, know your priorities.

Sit with your Father and your husband and write them down.

What are the things that are THE MOST important to you as a family, as a woman and as a mom?

Make a list of things you CAN CLEAR OFF THAT PLATE to leave some room for margin.

Even friends – some of those SUCK the time and energy right out of you and are frankly toxic.

2. Get some truthtellers around you.

My mom, Ashley, Katie and Ron are the first to notice and say with a little bit of sting – “you’re doing too much.”


3. Know yourself and your limits.

Set boundaries and watch for signs. My kids ridiculous behavior is often because I’ve let something fall out of balance.

4. Pray God will open your eyes

to when you need to shut off this blog or other blogs or facebook or whatever else

is taking you away from sleep or things that you REALLY need to do. This is the one I need to read myself.

5. “What will matter in 10 years…

instead of what will matter in the next 10 minutes?”

Those are the things we should spend most of our time on.



My awesome old boss told me that the other day. Loved it.



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