An announcement … what’s next.

I get this question often… so what’s next?


Maybe because I’m an idea factory or a shiny object child… but it’s a fair question. It’s been a little quiet for me, so people are wondering what is next.

And, it’s been an interesting season of assessment for me. I found myself in a counseling chair and I’m so glad I did. I talked to her about my fears about what others think of me. I told her about my sometimes shame and embarrassment with how God has gifted me or called me. I told her about the times I’ve got it wrong. And the times I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve shared with her – that I’ve never been more aware of God in my life – yet never more aware of the presence of the enemy.

It has been SO GOOD to be fully honest with someone and free up my friends and Ron from figuring this out for me. And we aren’t done.

So, as you can imagine with a brain that continually creates and innovates and a passion for families and faith – OF COURSE I have many projects in the hopper. I can’t reveal them all. Many of them are in process and in research phase. It’s always a good idea to see if things will work or sell or resonate before you launch.

On the book side, from publishers to agents to readers (just like having a baby) – as soon as you have your first baby/book – immediately the question comes, “are you writing another?”

And I have felt pretty clearly, NO. The main reason is because I haven’t had a topic that is burning in the depths of my soul like In This House, We Will Giggle. That was absolutely from the Lord and that passion and call to write it – kept me going in the nights, weekends and hard days of selling the thing.

And now I know it’s not a cake walk – and that my family needs me and Ron has a huge new job. So, NO for now.

However, there is this advice I give to many creative people. If it’s a topic or story God wants you to share – he will KEEP BRINGING it up. Over and over again in your spirit. He will not let it die. If it’s not meant to me – it will fizzle. Several “ideas” and “opportunities” have fizzled.

And there is one topic and audience that God will not let die. And I’m sharing with you today.

And because God is growing me so much – it has been fun to sit before the Lord with literal hands open with the idea. And let Him take it. It doesn’t have to be a book. I can let go of the fear of someone taking my idea.

My heart has always been FOR YOUNG GIRLS – before I was ever a mom to two of them.

In high school, I was like a “big sister” to many at the dance studio. Before marriage, I was always the intern coach. The office with the open door for many young girls. When we were married and first having babies, the babysitters confided in me. And now, as a mom – all these young girls (kids of my friends) are listening to me.

I don’t understand but God has giving me influence in people’s lives or a really loud, sometimes too confident mouth.

Introducing Fly Girl, Fly!

I have a book that I KNOW I’m going to write called Fly Girl, Fly!– it’s guide for young women to soar into life with confidence. It’s for tweens to college  – everything from friends to career to love. And it mostly has my mistakes. And ultimately teaches them to rely on Jesus because He will take you to new heights.

BUT – guess what. I have two girls to raise.

And, no time.

So, because I trust God will figure out the timing and details I’m starting an Instagram account and capturing some of what God has already been pouring into my heart there.

My sweet Larson and Ella… and Amelia McBrayer, Emma Kate Douglas, Mallory McBrayer, Cora Thomas, Cailin Cobb, Harper Douglas, TerKeurst girls, Grace Christmas, Harper & Ansley Phillips, Mary Grace King, Reese White, Pearl Blossom, Hollins & Presley Nolan, Zoe Braland, my nieces  – and SO MANY MORE. My heart is bursting for you this morning. Tears running down my face as I walked with Jesus this morning – that you are my go ahead. No time to wait when you’re already in my life. It’s go time.


FlyGirlFlyDevo on Instagram


A safe Instagram account for young girls. A place you can get Godly advice from the big sister, mentor and coach you never had. I will check every hashtag and always point you to Jesus. I will not be able to engage with each of you personally – but I will be praying for you.

I am not sure how often I will post – but I can promise it will be only when the Lord prompts the thought. Invite your buddies and moms – you can join in (as in read 🙂 , but I’d love for the girls to be the ones in conversation.

I want a SAFE place for my girls. I want a place to capture the tidbits God keeps placing on my heart. I could hoard it away for a book deal for later. Or, I could share it and trust that God is the keeper of time and influence girls in my life for His glory.

Age? Tweens to College

PARENTS – PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! be so careful with Instagram. Hashtags are ONE STEP from really scary material. This is only for the older kids that are already on there. Mine do not have phones yet – will only be reading my account until they are older.

Learn from my struggles. Fly high girls. You can do this.


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  1. Sounds like fun! What a neat idea! I will send you a follow request for my girl. Since she is not yet 13, so she looks at Instagram with me on my phone.

  2. I love this so much!!! The title, the idea, the insta account. It’s all just spot on NEEDED!!! Love it. Love you!!

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