Appreciate 2014 before stressing over 2015.

I’m so thankful that Kelle Hampton‘s post inspired me to look through my photos tonight. You know what? It was a dang good year.

I am SO quick to find the bad – to make my list of 2015 goals and feel so heavy with all of the areas I missed or where I failed. To see the same things on the list again.

Do better, get better, be more efficient.

Self-analyzing is great. Goals are great.

Frankly, I’m not ready to share my goals for 2015 because I’m still trying to figure it out and pray for clarity.


SO MUCH went well in 2014.

This post is to remind me that it was good. Really good. Looking back through the photos – reminds me how often God shows up. He is faithful. He is gracious. He is good. And makes me thankful for great friends and family.

These photos remind me of the things I want to do again.

I want to APPRECIATE the past, before I start STRESSING over the future.”



 I want to take the extra few minutes to make life fun and memorable. Last day of school.


 I want to say yes when they expect a no. Jump on that bed.


I want to empower moms in new and innovative ways to light up their community.


I want to be with my family. As often as possible.



I want to focus on quality over quantity on products – Conversation Cups.


I want my children and my Ron to know they are deeply loved and cherished.



I want to take photos of my girls.

photo 3-3

I want to move mountains to be there for dear friends.


I want them be little girls and not rush ahead. Go against the culture.



I want to GIGGLE together and make memories like these. The Family Olympics.


I want to take the family photo and be in them – even when I feel fat. Because they are only this age and in this season one time.


I want to take the family vacation – just us four.



I want to be AMAZED at what God can do and remember his timing is far better than mine. Ron’s baptism.




 I want to make the effort to show our girls what we love. Experiences that show them – places and people that are special to their parents. First Auburn game.


I want to be with these kids every year.


I want to encourage people and remind them they matter. Sometimes, you only see them every 20 years. High school reunion.



I want to take advice and apply – not just listen. Losing a dear mentor.


 If I do a TV segment again, I hope it goes just like this one. Where we were just being two moms and enjoying each other. Not stressing or over-thinking it.


I am not sure I want to launch a book again this year..:) …. but I sure do want to share a message dear to my heart wherever he tells me to go. And I want to be fearless about that message.

10383636_10152824222252579_5787403520053831682_nI want to stop and celebrate and not try to play it cool. The time I saw my cards in LifeWay for the first time.


I want to light up others. Not be so busy that I miss God’s promptings for more Curlie‘s in my life.


Topics I am praying about for 2015.

  • How to order my day to consistently put first things first – like really this time. God, health, husband.
  • How to delete projects and commitments so I have margin.
  • How to make my husband and girls feel that they are my most important job.
  • How to be a good steward of existing projects (book, cards, cups, blog, etc) – yet decrease the amount of work.
  • How to be kinder and more loving to myself.


I hope your night is filled with much joy and as you enter these next few days. Take a moment to look back. And remember the good. Note: I did NOT include or capture all the really bad moments. They were there too. Just prefer to focus on these.

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  1. Love this Courtney! Guilt has not been a good friend to me and we are breaking up this year. Daily battle. Praying for Gods guidance for you this year too. Yea to fresh starts!

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