Are You a Great Mom?


If you visit my blog and believe for ONE SECOND that I do all of these ideas to their completion, I have fooled you. It’s just not true.

Would that make me a “great mom” anyway?

What does your definition of a great mom? Does she do 100 crafts? sing? dance? smile all day? home cook all meals? wear an apron with heels? 


Uh, hardly! I had a great dinner with a new friend tonight and our chat inspired this post. Thanks, Jess!

I believe a “GREAT MOM” is in each of us … I’ve seen it.


I watched my friend look at her little one-year-old right in the eyes the other day and beam from ear to ear. Truly delight in her kid. That’s a great mom.

I heard my other friend say, “we might play leggos and water balloons and just be together all summer. that’s it.” That’s a great mom.

I saw my friend hug her child and make her feel secure. That’s a great mom.

I know my friend slept with her baby girl last night because it was storming and felt her squeeze her arm with every crack of thunder. That’s a great mom.

I saw a mom of twins (age 2) and a 3-year-old dine in at Chick-fil-A and leave alive without screaming. That’s a great mom.

I have seen my friends make everything else wait because bedtime rituals signify they matter. That’s a great mom.

I have seen my friend remind hers that “God loves you” and “He made you”. That’s a great mom.

I have watched a mom on the playground cheer on a timid one. That’s a great mom.

I have watched a friend care for her sick one with tenderness vs annoyance. That’s a great mom.

I have watched an exhausted mom say “yes, I’ll play with you sweet thing.” That’s a great mom.


YOU are a great mom.

If you woke up and you didn’t drop kick them…

If you hugged them…

If you looked them in the eye…

If you only did one of your “summer fun bucket list” ideas…

If you only did one or VBS or summer camps…

If you did or did not go to the beach…

If you looked them in the eye once yesterday…

If you made them breakfast….

If you brushed their teeth…

If you did their laundry…

If you stood up for them…

If all of their photos are stuck on your computer…


Our culture and blogs (mine included) doesn’t help our insecurities. It all points to “you are not enough.”

I love sharing ideas with you, but I hate sharing ideas with you.

Should we just stop sharing ideas so we save ourselves from this comparision game? NO!

My brother encouraged me today. He is a pastor and is so stinkin wise. My hand almost fell off from writing so fast.

He shared that it’s an IDENTITY issue for many of us. If I will spend the time to sure up my foundation and identity in WHOSE I AM vs WHAT I DO… I won’t get as rattled on what others are doing. Who cares, right?

He encouraged me to wake up and ask for that affirmation immediately from the Father. It’s in His Word for all of us (Ephesians 1-3 is great!) I so desparately want to get to that kind of security where I’ll stop looking right and left and just look up. We all know it just really doesn’t matter how many crafts, projects, kids, honor rolls or cars we have. We are all in this together. Let’s spur each other on.

What’s your definition of a great mom?

Have you struggled with finding your identity?

Feeling it depends on how well you do as a mom?

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