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When my friend Lindsey (my girls call her Izzy) is in town – she wants advice and some mentoring time and love from her ole big sister here. And I just want parenting help. You see – Lindsey has been a nanny and babysitter for YEARS.

We calculated one day  and I think she had mentored about 75 young girls in her young life. And I cannot even count the number of families she has saved through her outpouring of love.

She offers to babysit because she KNOWS you need a date night.

She stays overnight.

She actually likes your family and prays for you.

She teaches our kids to clean.

She requires obedience.

She instills virtues.

She delights in kids.


I am not kidding. She’s Super Nanny plus a Genius Bar plus a Home Organizer and a Life Coach.


So…. I have been begging her for years to write on this blog, but she hasn’t felt capable because “she’s not a mom.”


I said “WHATEVER, YOU’RE DOING IT” because I have seen her in action. She has a unique, fresh view of our homes and our kids… because she isn’t in the trenches. She can see clearly and nip a problem. She handle things with a cheerful disposition. She’s consistent and structured and not emotional about it all.

You know, like Mary Poppins but a modern version. Izzy.


She doesn’t claim to know all the answers – but I’ve tried many of her suggestions and they work.


So, new series is coming.

ask izzy

Don’t you love it? 


Today’s task.

FIRE AWAY THE QUESTIONS. Then, mark calendars for Monday, August 6


Here are a few of my questions.

  • How do I decrease whining and complaining?
  • Is structure really that big of a deal for kids?
  • What is one big mistake you see parents making today?
  • What is one thing you see a lot of parents doing well?
  • What makes a kid thrive at home?
  • What do you wish parents would start doing tomorrow?!
  • How can we help babysitters thrive in our homes?


PS. She is finished up her seminary degree and is nothing short of amazing. So, Kelly Stamps – consider this my official “Show Us Your Singles” entry. Get my girl an awesome husband. Preferrably in Orlando, FL. Thank you very much.

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  1. Will she come live with me? 🙂 I have 4 children (3,4,7,8) and feel the exact opposite of her. My husband is in the Army & is gone for long periods of time quite often and the kids’ behavior keeps getting worse & worse. I’m overwhelmed and feel really alone and defeated. I’ve tried so many different plans, guides, books, etc. but we always end up back to being that crazy family. I don’t have a lot of physical or emotional support or any mentors to steer me in a good direction with how to discipline. (My mom was mostly a yeller & spanked out of frustration). So I guess my question is…. where do you start when you’ve completely lost control? When it’s beyond just a little bit of misbehavior?

    1. Laura, your comment brought tears to my eyes. Praying even now for you and your precious children..and for some community for you. As for where you should start? First, know this…you are the Mom. Not only that, you are THE MOM that God ordained for your children to have. The other good news is you feel like you’ve completely lost control, small steps will make a big difference. Pick one thing to focus on. One behavior you want to retrain, and be consistent to follow through. No, it won’t be easy…but it will be so worth it. Praying even now that this series offers you encouragement.

      1. That makes complete sense & seems very do-able! Thanks for your prayers, advice & encouragement!

    2. Praying for you right now, Laura. My sister is AF mom of 3 in SC. I have watched her go from almost losing it to being so much more at peace. Its possible!!! What you are doing is HARD. You are not alone, mama, hang in there. Even if its by just a thread of sanity and chocolate!

  2. How do you handle fears? I have a two year old so we’re dealing with things like pools, slides, new places, crowds, baths… when do you push and when do you give them time? And related: do you let kids be shy or make them answer when an adult speaks to them? And (how many can I ask?) how do you handle a discipline situation in a public place like a grocery store (again for a two year old) (time out works well at home)?

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