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What would you say to your child’s teacher?

It’s Courtney DeFeo… introducing a new Courtney in a bit.

In just 5 days, my teeny tiny Larson will head off to Kindergarten.


And my first baby to second grade.



My heart is pounding just typing it. We made their key chains today. We’ve got the uniforms hanging, new water bottles and lunches planned. My heart is swirling, but my prayers are the same – I want open hands. Lord, use them. Last night, we JUST discussed how God might use them to help someone that is new to the school. Just two hours later, Ella got an email from her teacher – asking if she could meet a new student on the first day and walk her in. She was beaming when she read it. It’s our pleasure Lord!


I shared my back-to-school prayer with you last year on Facebook and WHOAH, you LOVED it. It seems are hearts are often on the same page.



So, Heidi (my new virtual assistant who I want to bear hug) turned it into a printable for you. I’m putting this up in the girls’  room this weekend and praying it over them. Here you go! DOWNLOAD HERE.


Monday morning, I’ll be packing my tissues, but definitely packing my positive spirits because if we are excited, they are excited.


Meet Courtney Schmidt



I want you to meet a new friend and new contributor to the site – I really like her name. Meet Courtney!

We have so much in common. Most of all, we share a desire to write from a very vulnerable spot in hopes that we learn from our journey. And so that others may feel the freedom to be honest as well. She has a beautiful way of sharing motherhood. I LOVE this line in her bio…

Mothering is where I experience life, and writing is were I make sense of life.


Enjoy this today. She wrote a letter to her daughter’s teacher. Gulp. I might have to do the same. You can start reading below and then I’m going to make you hop over to her NEW site to read the rest. It’s worth one click, trust me. Give her some love. She’s amazing.



A letter to my daughter’s teacher on her first day of school

by Courtney Schmidt

I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but today you become one of the most important people in my life. You are the one. The one who I’ve entrusted to take care of my girl in my absence. The one who I’ve tasked with teaching her things that I cannot. The one who will make an indelible mark on her little soul that will forever shape her perspective of learning.

Avery first day of School

This is a difficult transition for our family because until this moment in her life, it’s been her Dad and me who’ve made these impressions. We fail and fall short each and every day, but everything we’ve done has been done with great love. Now, we’ll share our influence with you, and we hope that you understand your significance in her life.


These are the things we ask of you as we place our most precious gift in your hands:

(read the rest over at Courtney’s blog… )



How are your Back-to-School momma hearts?

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  1. Consciously taking deep breaths over here. Remember what you said about them feeding off of me. If I’m excited, they are excited. Also trying to figure out if I want to take off the afternoon from work to meet them at the bus. I’m afraid the excitement will wear off by 5pm and they’ll forget everything that happened! I’m thankful for grandparents who pick them up and hang out with them, but I ache to be the one. Thanks for the printable, Courtney!

  2. I want to thank you so much for your back2school prayer. I am sending a copy to my great-grand-daughter who will be starting 1st grade in Florida this year.Her mom just moved her there and all of her family she has been around is inNC. plus this is the 3rd different school she will be in. . I feel this Prayer will let her know how much God cares for her and will be with her even if we can’t be. thanks again !

  3. Awe I loved this, you have two very pretty girls! I’m not a mom, nor am I even close to having kids lol, but I really enjoyed this!

  4. I would like to use your back to school prayer and place it on my church bulletin board. May I use it?

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