Back-To-School Prayers

Hey friends!

Some of you are already back and some of you have some more time! Either way – we are all getting the feelings of excitement and fear about sending our kids back to school. We know what is headed their way. And we want to scoop them back up and hide them. We want to shrink them back down to little babies where  no bad words can hurt them.

Or, maybe your like … nah… I’m good, SEE YA! Lol.

Here is a prayer that I wrote when Ella went off to Kindergarten and it’s had a couple version. You can print off and tape on your forehead or their forehead. You can pin on their bulletin board. Hide it in their backpack.

I just like to remind them that part of school is about their grades – but so much of school is about their hearts. So, let’s get our minds and hearts focused on the right things before we begin.

Download Version 1 as PDF

Download Version 2 as PDF

You got this mommas.

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