Bags of Blessings – Part 1


I know I’m like the sales person, the marketing person – that is constantly saying “THIS WAS THE BEST EVER.” I can’t help it. I just get fired up and have some high highs (and low lows).

I had one of those highs last night. I witnessed this moment.

My daughters getting their hands blessed for a lifetime of service.


This night started with a simple conversation with Katie. She always dreams bigger than she knows and impacts me more than she knows.

During one of our illegal carpool chats. She said, “instead of having a ‘social’ every 4-5 weeks in our small group – what if we served together? is that dumb?” Uh, it’s not dumb. It’s brilliant.


I filed it away and finally moved on it with our Connect Group with Summit Church. We’ve been wanting to get the kids together for so long.

My friend owns Bags of Blessings. I am telling you guys THIS IS A HUGE IDEA. I am meeting with her ASAP, I believe this should be a franchise situation in many cities. We met during our mentor group this year by Linda Werner of Legacy Principles. And just knew we had to work together on something.




Are there not ROAD BLOCKS all over for having your little kids serve? I got so tired of hearing, “I’m sorry your kids are too young.” in ministries and churches all over town!

Her ministry is DESIGNED for young kids to serve.



We were blown away last night. It was made for the kids to use their hearts and hands to be like Jesus. We stuffed bags of blessings – one per child and then took them to patients on the cardiac floor of Florida Hospital. Part 2 next week will tell you more.

I just want you to leave you with this thought.

I have a passion for fostering SERVICE in the core of our family. That might not be for you. But what is?

Do you know? Maybe pray about it? What virtue or value (or 3-5) do you know want in the fabric of DNA of your family? Oh these tiny ones are capable of getting it from an early start. So, they know it’s WHO THEY ARE. My Larson could barely reach that bowl or carry her bag but was the first in line every time. She was all in.

They are capable of so much. Invite them to the party. You are capable of so much. Give God a chance to work in your family – you can touch 1 life or thousands. I can’t tell you what that will look like. It’s just so fun to see those angels eyes get big when they realize they CAN & WILL be used by the God of the universe. That means you too.

Part 2 coming next week…For more information on Bags of Blessings, click here.

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  1. Could you share a little bit more about the hand washing and blessing? That sounds like something we might could include in our 5th grade graduation ceremony for our kid’s ministry. We wanted to do something service oriented.

  2. It is always awesome watching kids serve. Most of the time they do go all in! There are definitely plenty of opportunities for families. Our church serves together every time there is a 5th Sunday in the month. We skip service and go serve. From feeding homeless to painting to packing bags for homeless teens. Next up in building and fixing bikes for homeless families without cars.

  3. Love love love this! This is so where my heart is, but sometimes it is so hard putting the “How” to the “What”!

  4. I just love this. Those pictures of them being blessed….weeping. Get those babies framed and put up in their room. What a sweet reminder of a time that they should never forget!

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