Bite an Elephant

“Keep your mouth closed when you eat! Look adults in the eyes when they are speaking! Do not interrupt me again when I am talking! Share with your friends! Be patient and kind! Stop throwing your food off the table!”

Has parenting ever felt like eating an elephant to you? I love Elizabeth and her philosophy to life. I remember being trained by her at Chick-fil-A and her passion for achieving big dreams was inspiring. However, the “one bite at a time” and “in moderation” way to accomplish these things was soothing and comforting.

Since I became a mother and an encourager to moms, this has also been my experience for parenting. Our kids simply cannot take the pressure. This doesn’t mean to back off your dreams to have good kids or ones with high morals or values – it means …..


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I’m over at Elisabeth’s blog today. Bite An Elephant. My dear friend and a great motivator in all areas of life.


Be sure to check out the one before me by Monica Lage – GREAT stuff on inspiring little entrepreneurs.

I hope you have a great day.

You are an amazing mom if you haven’t heard that today.



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