Book Tour Stops – You’re Invited

Hello my friends!

I am so blown away by all of your support, truly. More than speaking gigs, tv fun, travel perks…. I want your families and your friend’s families to grasp the message of the book. I believe there is such goodness that comes when our kids experience God vs hear constant lectures.

I am so happy to go around from city to city – because I truly believe in every word! So much of it is timeless and biblical – so the “what” hasn’t changed in many years. It’s how we are going to instill those virtues in our homes – in a way that fills our homes with laughter and love.



It’s not all roses – I discuss tough topics like perseverance, patience and responsibility. And share PLENTY of examples of where we have messed up. I share other mom’s stories – my childhood stories and more.


Can you do me a favor?

If you are planning to stop by one of these book stops – see the list here – can you RSVP for me? Even if you are mostly sure, I just need a rough idea for planning – as books and food are ordered for each event.

In This House We Will Giggle

If 10 people come – perfect. Just as it was intended. If 100 come – perfect. I am not concerned with quantity – just gotta be sure we have enough skittles, head gear and silly stuff waiting for you.


What about your kids?

I’m so glad you asked. If you read the book, you’ll see I’m sort of passionate about my family. So, we’ve decided to take them with us for one week of the tour. They will be coming to the big Orlando launch party at Barnes N Noble with sweet Ron of course. Then, they will be coming the week of October 20 to all of the Atlanta excitement including big launch party at Grace Midtown (all of you are invited)! And then we end in Auburn – I can’t take the fun. My heart. Orange and blue sharpies anyone? Oh my.


Other cities? Check the list as it will be updated frequently. Birmingham – I am still confirming (likely week of November 10!) Lake Kewoee friends – fireside chat over Thanksgiving!



Then, our family will prayerfully consider each stop/request after that. So, if you’ve like me to come to your church or group – please don’t hesitate to submit a request. SO honored! I might just say “let me wait until 2015.” I want to protect my authenticity to the message and my family above all else.




If you want to share the book/concept with your women’s ministry team – point them right here for all the details. You can even get SAMPLE CHAPTERS by signing up for the email.

Thank you 100 times from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to DIG into this material with you! We are in this thing together.


And, warning – this isn’t your average ladies “mother’s tea” message – I’m bringing the fun. I’ve got props. Be scared, or excited!




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  1. I am so excited to see you speak!!! I will be at the Peachtree pres MOPS event!!! Can’t wait!! That’s so neat you are going to be speaking at the Auburn bookstore too!!! Just might have to go to that one also! War Eagle!!! Can’t wait to get the book!! Thanks for being so encouraging and inspiring!!!

    1. i appreciate your sweet words today so much. can’t WAIT for peachtree pres and auburn. can hardly wait actually. going to be a fun week!

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