In This House, We Will Giggle

Teach Your Kids to Delight in God (Water Balloons Not Included!)

Dancing, laughing, and joking can live in the same house with generosity, patience and love. In This House, We Will Giggle provides parents with the motivation and practical ideas to plant virtues deep in the hearts of their children—and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Designed to cover an entire year, each of the 12 chapters highlights one key virtue in developing a child’s character, along with insights to help infuse the virtue into everyday life.

Virtues covered include joy, love, forgiveness, faith, patience, perseverance, respect, responsibility, service, humility, gratitude and generosity.

What People Are Saying

“Every parent needs this book! I love Courtney’s fun, practical ways to connect our kids with biblical truth while making family memories. This book is an amazing resource that will teach children how to have their own relationship with God.”
New York Times best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries
“Courtney DeFeo has written the book I wish I’d had while my kids were growing up! It’s full of creativity and fun for anchoring twelve key virtues into the hearts of children. I love how her ideas lay a vital foundation for spiritual growth and development—and help families have a blast while doing it.”
North Point Ministries
“If you’re looking for real-life ways to become a more proactive instead of reactive parent, you should read this book. Courtney DeFeo gives us personalized and practical ideas for building love and laughter into our children so we can actually develop an intentional plan for investing in them.”
founder and CEO of Orange
“We laughed our way through this book with its honest snapshot of all that comes with being a parent. We also were seriously inspired to invite our kids into a life filled with virtues. Courtney takes the guesswork out of it by giving parents creative and practical ways to seize everyday moments and make following Jesus fun!”
wife of Christian music artist Chris Tomlin and on the journey with him to raising a family after the heart of Jesus
“As a counselor, I’m so grateful for Courtney DeFeo and her book. I hear weary parents every day trying to figure out how to combat the entitlement of this generation, instill virtues in their children, and enjoy one another at the same time. This book contains the encouragement and practical ideas to do just that! As a family, you will be inspired to grow, serve, love, and laugh together!”
director of child and adolescent counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries, Nashville, TN, and author of several books, including Intentional Parenting
“Courtney DeFeo, in her typical style, offers us something refreshingly different, powerful, and creative: a secret weapon for parents. For me this book felt like the Swiss Army Knife of parenting, with a tool just waiting to be applied as needed to every occasion…with a dose of fun and giggles along the way!”
vice president of marketing for Chick-fil-A Inc. and coauthor of Remarkable!
“Every mother will be helped by this practical, inspirational, and down-to-earth book. Each page holds biblical truth, family-time suggestions, and a huge trunk full of plans to help you teach twelve beautiful virtues. If you choose to do as this book suggests, your family is in for a lovely journey.”
author and speaker with Esther Burroughs Ministries, Greenville, SC
“I love being a dad, but to be honest, I’m an insecure one. I want to be really good at this, but there are days when I wonder. This is one of the many reasons I love Courtney’s book. She reminds us that we should take parenting seriously, but not so much ourselves. Love, giggles, and virtues are a lot more fun than perfection anyway. This is a practical and encouraging guide for parents who aren’t perfect but who want to get this extraordinary opportunity right—and have fun along the way.”
lead pastor of Gwinnett Church, dad to Jesse and Cole, and husband of Wendy
“Like Courtney, I want to create a home where our children experience Christ in a tangible way. The ideas in this book are practical, and the stories are relatable. You’ll come away with fresh inspiration for nurturing a faith-filled, fun-loving family.”
author of The Preacher’s Wife blog and wife of Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church, Charlotte, NC
“Like Courtney DeFeo, I too want, ‘memories of joy etched deep in the hearts of my kids.’ It sounds easy, but it’s not. In This House, We Will Giggle is a navigational tool that will help every mom find the way to fill their home with love and laughter. And the joy in their family will contagiously spill over and light up the world around them.”
Director of, Author of The Passionate Mom

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