Build Em Up – Calling All Women’s Groups

Heart is heavy for a young girl close to many I know and love. #prayforjulia – Praying Gwinnett Church


I’m glad you are here IF:

1. You are IN a women’s group (moms or ladies group)

2. You are looking for a ladies group

3. You are unsure about the whole thing


I pray you will find your spot – either sharing your experience in hopes to build community. Or, being brave enough to say “I need to find a group.”



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How do these LINKY things work?

Build ‘Em Up is designed to bring women together to simply build one another up. I will share on the topic below and so will Erin, Kelly and Jennifer on their blogs.

If you have a blog, simply write about this topic today – and link up by posting that blog post link/url below. Please include your CITY, ST in the title if possible – so those hunting can find a group more easily.

  • You can write about your experience in a ladies and moms group – and how it has impacted you personally. So, others might be moved to look for one in their hometown.
  • You can share about your group for the Fall and what openings you might have.
  • You can share what you are looking for in a group – and share your CITY, STATE in the title so we can hopefully find you a good fit.
  • If you don’t blog – leave us your thoughts in the comments. We want to hear from you too!


My Heart On Groups

I have a fear of commitments right now. I can’t say yes to another anything weekly and I have felt like this for years.  I already cannot STAND that people say “oh you are so busy” or “I know you are so busy.” I already have a reputation of being triple-booked, always on my phone and way too much on my plate. I am not proud of this fact. I am grateful for many fun opportunities, but I don’t want that on my tomb —- she was really busy. Without margin or white space, there isn’t room for relationships and phone calls and God to move.


If a friend had an issue or a need and did NOT call me because they assumed I was too busy – shoot me now! Seriously, I’d rather be there for a friend in real life – pick up a sick child, cry with a weary mom or do carpool for a friend more than “to do” or “conference call” on my list.


God is pressing on me lately about the idea of a ladies group. Honestly, I haven’t done very many. I have always been in “small groups” or “connect groups” with my husband. And that will never change. I also have a core group of moms that I depend on for most mom issues. And, I have participated in two mentor groups which have influenced me in huge ways. I have also done my own studies and books for many years. However, I am feeling it’s time for me to make this commitment and actually step up and lead it.


I believe the commitment of time with like-minded women is not only worth it, it is critical.


As wonderful as our online relationships are – I need face-to-face friends for accountability, love and friendship. It’s easy to get isolated behind a computer. If I want my church and my city to be filled with a community of families madly in love with Jesus…. what can I do to help that? If I want to lead others in a mighty way – how much time am I really spending studying God’s work and growing personally? If I want to be a woman that shares my faith authentically  – am I leaving my house enough? And getting in circles to let Him work?


I believe there are local moms in my very own church that need me and I need them more importantly.


So, I’m doing what I don”t have time to do – but I know God is whispering for me to do. I am leading a group this Fall – one study at a time. For some ladies in my church that I’ve been wanting to get to know anyway. If you are at Summit and looking for a weekday morning group, email me – taking as many folks as I can. It’s not even official or legal I don’t think with the church – I’m just gathering some women at my home and we are diving in.


Also, there is a crew of you that are feeling the nudge to start one and the enemy is doing a number on your confidence. Do it. You can do it. You are a facilitator and an organizer. You are not an expert on the Bible. You are gathering women and God does the rest. Order books – send emails. Gather them and He will show up.


And another thing!….remember, this has nothing to do with “actions” and doing the right thing to be a good little Christian and everything to do with your heart. God wants to know us deeply. Something beautiful happens when like-minded women get together and share real life struggles and praises. He moves. So, it’s about knowing Him not working for Him or impressing Him.


Tell me about a group you have loved.

Is your group getting started again this Fall? Taking new members?

What kind of group have you been in and how has it impacted you?



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  1. I’ve been praying with Moms In Prayer International for 6 years now – it has grown me in so many ways! I’m sharing my heart and my deepest prayers for my children with an intimate group of ladies, so obviously I’ve grown to love and trust these ladies. I’m praying God’s word over my children, so I’m learning more about God and his will for me and my kids. I’m learning to pray aloud with confidence and trust more in God’s answers to prayer as I’ve seen so many unexpected answers to our prayers over our children and the schools. I know that no matter how I may fail as a parent, I’m doing this one thing – at least one hour a week – completely right. There are no requirements for this group except to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. If you do not have children, you can find some to pray for and pray for their school. If you have grandchildren, you can pray for their schools. Currently, I continue to pray for the children of a mom who was in my group who passed away earlier this year.

    1. Our Summit Cary Campus here in Cary, NC is going to begin a monthly or bimonthly get together out and about town (at parks, pools, etc.) for moms w young ones who may not know other moms from our church to connect people more. Our first meet up will be in the next week or two and I have been asked to organize it. Still conversing w our campus Kids director so please email me if you are interested in forming some new friendships w friendly faces who love Jesus 🙂 you do not have to attend Summit to join us! Thanks for helping connect us, Courtney!

  2. This is a great topic. I am just pulling together some thoughts to share at our monthly women’s evening having been given the title “she connects” and have been jotting down a lot of the same thoughts as in your post about connecting inside and outside the church. It is so important. I don’t have an “official” women’s group but have been making a concerted effort to get together every couple of weeks with three moms from church who share the same heart, passion and struggles – just to share and pray. Don’t always feel like giving my one child free morning over to it, but am always 100% glad I did!! It is a privilege to meet with the girls and know that I need the encouragement and support as well as to know that I can do that for them too… No state to include as the wrong side of the pond!!

  3. I have led 4 bible studies thus far, all through Facebook (I live in Dubuque, IA) and they have all been of such great comfort and peace, to EVERYONE involved. Something about gathering a group of women together, with the same values and goals – it changes you. It makes you want to be a better, more faithful person. My group is currently in a break right now, but we’ll be starting back up in September. In the meantime, I continue with “Prayer & Praise Monday’s” and often post encouraging and inspiring scripture, videos, etc. that might help these women get through their day. I also think as being the leader, it allows me the accountability I need and I know I have grown tremendously in my faith as a result. I pray for the same for you!

  4. I have been involved with Mom to Mom at Church of the Apostles here in Atlanta since my oldest (now 4) was 8 months old. It was a lifesaver during that first year of motherhood when you can feel so alone and isolated. I love the fellowship with other moms in my stage of life and the mentorship from the older mothers. It’s an amazing program and the fall session is starting back up the 2nd week of September. I highly recommend it! I also have loved doing online bible studies with Good Morning Girls and Hello Mornings, although it’s not nearly as good as face-to-face time with other women it’s still really encouraging to hear from other women.

  5. Love this-“You are a facilitator and an organizer. You are not an expert on the Bible. You
    are gathering women and God does the rest. Order books – send emails. Gather
    them and He will show up.” I found this to be very much true. I was like you in some ways as far as doing my own bible studies. I would join bloggers doing studies but do them on my own, and I needed more accountability and someone to talk things over with face to face who was like minded. God was really pulling me towards starting a group. Hope yours is fun and successful!

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