Build ‘Em Up – Meet the Bloggers

The email came in something like this from Erin,

“Have you seen the trend of negativity and jabbing and focusing on the bad from moms?”

Kelly, Jennifer and I responded….

“Yep” (and I sighed feeling a little guilty)


“What if we worked together to build up moms and focus on the good?”

“And break the misconception that sharing the good doesn’t equal perfect?”

“And we invited many to join us?”

And everyone said,


So… then she whirled away into a land unknown to me with words like “codes” and “buttons” and “link ups” and “bios.”

I don’t know how to do this fancy stuff – but I’m honored to be included.

My heart is completely aligned and fired up.

Join us.

build em up composite_2

Meet my sweet bloggers buds now truly friends.

(Shhh… guess what? Did I tell you they are all now officially contributors on Lil LIght O’ Mine?

New site launching soon!)

Visit Erin’s site here.

Visit Jennifer’s site here.

Visit Kelly’s site here.

Uh, that’s me.

Here are the topics. Mark your calendars!

Share what’s working for you or anything on your heart from that area – a struggle, a word of encouragement.

Let’s build em up!

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